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Polk Audio Headset Black Friday Deals

27 November 2015 - 06:56 PM



Striker P1 and ZX are $39.99.   Striker Pro P1 is $79.99.


The P1s are listed as Playstation and PC compatible, but will also work with newer Xbox One controllers with the 3.5 jack.  The older XBO controllers require the Striker Pro ZX, which includes the adapter, but it's not on sale.


I am giving the Pro P1s a shot.  As a Polk Audio 4Shot owner, I loved the audio quality and comfort, but hated that the mic was so poor - my friends on Live have always complained that they can't hear me, even if I shove the "boom mic" that was supposed to fix the voice problems against my uvula.  The word is the P1's microphone is one of the best available today.  If it isn't, it will be returned.