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Free Newegg Premier Membership 6/12 Month

11 December 2015 - 04:25 AM

I have a few codes that could probably go to someone who wants to try it. Please PM me to avoid lurkers. Merry Christmas!

Xbox One Elite Console from Dell $450 w/ $100 promo GC

10 December 2015 - 03:19 AM

Credit goes to ultratumba on slickdeals for this




Xbone from Dell for the elite SSHD for total of $450+tax - $100 GC - $23 Rewards (5%) - 20% Discover deals double back ($97) + FREE priority 2 day shipping (arrives b4 c-mas) total of $266. Could not find coupons to sweeten the deal, but can't complain for their flagship console. And yes, $123 in GC is fine. Never know when SD will have a deal @ Dell.com. Still a good deal using their 10% Discover deals portal.

FYI - Gotta register free for their rewards program for 5%



For anyone wanting a deal on this console its a good one. Ready for spears about how it is not that much extra for the extra money, but just remember that it is still the best console that Microsoft offers.


Edit: I actually have the console and for the first month I was foolishly running all my games off of an external hard drive. This was because I made the switch and everything was already on the external, so I left it there. I had heard that load times were faster off of an external (if it runs at 7200 RPM, which I think mine does) so I left them there. Just recently read an article about an external SSD. I moved Fallout 4 to the console drive and have seen a noticeable improvement on load times. I don't remember which article it was, but it reverenced the SSHD on this console. There are a couple articles if you google it that will tell you an external SSD will still be better most of the time.