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WTS: Leage of Legends promo codes

30 August 2014 - 03:43 AM

Went to Fan Expo with my family today and we were given some cards with codes. One of the cards is for Dragonslayer Pantheon (skin, also unlocks hero if you don't have it already) and the other one is the Riot ward skin (the fist bump one).

This is what they look like (not my image, pulled this from Google.)
I've heard that each code can be used on multiple regional servers, but I don't really follow League codes so I don't really know. These have not been used anywhere yet.

I can mail you out the card if you'd like (but can still e-mail you the code right away).

I'm really open to offers right now. Thinking of doing a few dollars on the Pantheon and maybe $10 or so on the Riot ward? Riot ward seems to go for $20-$30 on ebay but that seems rather ridiculous to me lol. Give me offers. Highest offers take them. Codes expire September 05, 7:00 pm PDT. I take Paypal (preferred) but can take Amazon codes and other offers (not interested in LoL codes though). Thanks.


Also, while I don't think I have any rep here, I have plenty of rep on othe sites if that matters to you.