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03 April 2017 - 06:58 AM

you people hating the GiTS movie are simply wrong. its a faithful adaptation of the series. i dont mean its a clone carbon copy of the first movie, but what i mean is, it is very very clear the folks who made the movie actually spent time with the movie and even parts of the 2 seasons series. 










yes it takes some liberties with things, but this movie was never going to be a line by line copy of the original movie. this was quite literally going to be GiTS in live action revived for the west. and that it is does a wonderful job. it has some deep philosophical points especially about the ethics of advancing technology and are we more than just a collection of memories? Major even suffers a moral crisis over this. to say there is no deep plot buried within this movie is a lie. its fitting with many of the plots of the series that this movie is based off of. theres really no way any actual fan of the series can say this was a poorly done GiTS movie unless said fan is a weaboo of the highest caliber. 


theres also several scenes that were ripped straight out of the first movie.


im also not 100% sure without double checking it, but i am fairly certain the childrens song at the beginning is the same childrens song the tachikomas sing at the end of season 2.


also Batou gets shown with his love for dogs especially the basset hound....which if memory serves right, thats more of a movie 2 thing. so  clearly these people who made the movie SPENT TIME ON THE WHOLE SERIES!!!


Togusa also gets his special gun and they even make a point of saying he is not a cyborg....which given how little screen time he gets is again proof the makers of this movie spent time with the series, trying not mangle it all the while trying not to make this a complete carbon copy of what is already been released.


the plot is also coherent. Batou gets a cool back story for some things. the CGI is really well done. and the action scenes are done good too. theres nothing bad about the acting either. the only real complaint one can have is:


1. no tachikomas

2. its heavily focused on Batou and Major.


however concerning point 1....tachikomas are season 1 and later.....and batou and major have always been the stars of the first two movies. yes i would have loved for some of the rest of section 9 to shine and Aramaki at least shines some. but the movies were never truly about section 9. they were always about Major and her quest to figure out what a ghost is. and quite frankly this movie is also about her quest to figure out what a ghost is. unlike the anime Scarlet is unsure of her role in this life and her origin story is a bit different....but really theres nothing wrong with this version and a sequel could be quite fun to see.


but nope....trolls will hate because the movie is whitewashed....which is ironic because the cast is pretty  damn diverse in this movie. people can also explain that will confuse newcomers....the first anime movie was also a bit confusing the first time you watch it as well. in this regard the GiTS movie doesnt spoon feed the audience all the answers either, much like the series it is based off of. also Major in the anime is white as hell in appearance and most of the cast of characters in that anime which have really detailed faces, do not look asian at all. so whitewashing the cast? yeah okay. sure whatever. 


if you are a fan of the series....this movie is for you, unless you are a weeboo that can only watch subtitled anime, and skip all filler, and hate anything that isnt manga canon. 

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01 April 2017 - 10:39 AM

Has a 41% score on rotten tomatoes tho?

So? Rt isn't a good judge of movies....I mean if you can't like it because Scarlett Johansson is the star like half the trolls hating the movie then whatever.....it's a good use of the license though.

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01 April 2017 - 06:36 AM

Go watch ghost in the shell movie.....good movie

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22 March 2017 - 07:00 PM


UP on amazon

And it's done

At least I got a gamestop one

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22 March 2017 - 04:38 AM

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