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In Topic: Team Fortress 2 Guide - FREE through Monday, May 31st

02 June 2010 - 07:25 AM

^ Like why do you buy iPhone if you can call with Nokias. Hehe. Nothing like that. It was good fun for me making the app. So it would be for those who use it. It's about the experience and satisfaction of possessing everything about what you are fan of. Like I wish I had those Heavy figures. But they cost $220 to own. :bomb:

I am wondering if I should lottery one of those for those who get the app. :)

But seriously, up to you. You don't want to Alt-Tab while gaming to take a look at the reference on web. So there's an app for that you can browse while playing itself. Or you can use it while describing your game to friends!

Hope I'm not biasing a lot to be considered malpracticing on this forum, acc to their rules.

Best wishes

In Topic: Team Fortress 2 Guide - FREE through Monday, May 31st

01 June 2010 - 09:38 AM

Ahah, thanks for the exposure and downloads! I'm going to let it be free until 4th June. It's labelled as 3rd so that lazies can have their grace if they miss. :) Umm can someone update the thread title to reflect the change in date?

It'll jump to $4.99 after that. I'm just awaiting more feedback and hunting missing new details and updates that have recently been released like the demo's new melee weapon, etc. so I can release an update in coming weeks.

Sorry for hijacking, but I thought it would be good if I thanked you guys. Sometimes I think I should include ads to support free downloads. But then I hate to see ads in any app I download :bomb:

Haha. Thanks again anyways. Awaiting my stats to see how much downloads there were yesterday. I'll update about it here.