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warreni's Blog > More random, not-at-all-deep thoughts

Posted 04 December 2018

I got tired of futzing around with other things so I jumped back into Pillars of Eternity II this week. I continue to be impressed with it--the game has improved on the systems from the original, including multiclassing and character advancement as well as the characters themselves. Even the crew members of your ship are distinct personalities.  

warreni's Blog > The Mirror Lied, well, it's a headscratcher

Posted 12 November 2018

Back in 2008, Kan Gao made a short prototype game called The Mirror Lied . You may have run across some of the music before. It's in the same visual style as his later and more well-known adventure, To The Moon . On its 10th anniversary, he released it on Steam, probably mostly just to screw with people.  
This is a very short (I finished in in 28 mi...

warreni's Blog > Jurassic Park game tells an interesting story in an annoying way

Posted 10 November 2018

Telltale Games's solitary venture into Jurassic Park territory in 2011 is a bit of a departure from its older and newer games. It is a mixture of QTEs and mostly-trivial puzzle elements laden over a skeletal structure of an action narrative. The distinctions between this other Telltale games are twofold: the prevalence of QTEs in general as well as QTEs t...

warreni's Blog > Doctor Who game turns out to be rather crappy

Posted 04 November 2018

I wanted to like this game, and I tried to like it. I wasted a lot of time and enjoyed playing Tiny Rebel's previous Doctor Who -themed game, Legacy , which is a fairly-conventional match-3 puzzle game with simple stories, a wide array of characters from the show, and a variety of mechanics that keep the boards interesting. This was the company's first ef...

warreni's Blog > Bad week to be an arachnophobe

Posted 28 October 2018

I've gotten back into tinkering with characters in Injustice 2 again. I had more-or-less abandoned it after the Legendary update, mostly because I was annoyed that my efforts to boost characters up to level 20 weren't terribly meaningful in the face of the new mechanics and increased level cap. I noticed today that, if you play the Halloween-themed multi...