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warreni's Blog > Enjoy your lockdown inside The Complex

Posted 04 April 2020

You've probably heard of or played Late Shift . It's been in the Game Pass for XBONE and it's been out for a few years now. It's the story of an ordinary bloke (I have to pull out my Briticisms for this review, so my fellow colonists will have to pardon me) who gets caught up in a botched jewelry heist at an auction. It's also one of the breakout games fr...

warreni's Blog > Kingdom Come: Deliverance keeps tripping over its own feet

Posted 23 March 2020

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that I really wanted to like, even though I had my doubts about it from the beginning. The skeleton of a really good game is in here, and the game has interesting characters, a well-crafted story (from what I can tell), and a levelling system that shows meaningful growth of the protagonist. However, it's just constantl...

warreni's Blog > Sony's Spider-Man (PS4) is the best Spider-Man movie you've never seen

Posted 29 January 2020

Spider-Man is great. I mean, the Sony Spider-Man game released in 2018, not Spider-Man 3 or The Amazing Spider-Man or Spider-Man: Homecoming. Those things were terrible and best relegated to the dustbin of history. Nothing in Insomniac's track record (which includes odds and ends like the reputable shooter series Resistance for PS3 and the hipster-do...

warreni's Blog > The Outer Worlds is a brief, entertaining ride

Posted 08 December 2019

I finished The Outer Worlds last night after investing what I'm guesstimating was around 25 hours into it. I'm guesstimating because with Game Pass games there's no real way to track your time, unless you use a third-party utility like Gameplay Time Tracker. Weirdly this is not something that exists in the current iteration of the Xbox WIndows 10 app. In...

warreni's Blog > Assassins Creed Origins is an Assassins Creed game

Posted 29 November 2019

So. . . Assassins Creed Origins . There is some truth to the idea that if you've played one AC game, you've played all of them. This also extends to a certain degree to many other Ubisoft-published titles. They are vast open worlds with a plethora of mission content and objectives. You have a protagonist on a personal quest for revenge for some injustice...