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20 November 2020 - 12:52 AM

Honestly, yeah.  Unless you really want to play Demon's Souls there isn't a lot of reason to get one.  Wait until they make one with more storage and hopefully that isn't so ridiculously huge and nearly impossible to use horizontally.   (slight edit: You do get some improvements even over a Pro but judging from your other posts I don't think they would be worth it to you personally)


I haven't watched much since they changed hosts, but yeah old school Top Gear and Doctor Who were shows I actually kept up with.  I just couldn't be bothered to watch Prime Video on my computer which was the only option I really had until I bought the OLED or I would have watched The Grand Tour a long time ago.

Yes, for me personally, I'm not sure whether it will pay to move to a 5 until they're almost getting ready to put out a 6. And by then, Sony might have decided to start putting out all of its first-party stuff on PCs sooner than later, which would pretty much make getting a 5 utterly pointless to me.


No, my wife boycotted the show and virtually pretended it never existed after Clarkson was fired--but she loved The Grand Tour. You might want to check out some of the other Hammond and May shows that are on Prime too. There's some old stuff and James May has a show about wandering around and generally faffing about in Japan and a new one that's a cooking show, of all things.

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

19 November 2020 - 11:18 PM

Nothing is a generational leap forward if you want to come at it from a PC perspective.  There are new major PC components every year. You could keep shopping things that are 1-2 years old or 3-5 years old, forever. 


1440p G-sync displays are from 2015.  Do you have one of those yet?


There are new components, but I'm not really drilling down to a level of detail that granular--I don't believe. Aren't we basically talking about the following three items? Faster processor, SSD, and 2xxx cards? That's not tech that is as new as 1 or 2 years old, is it?



Nope. I'm rockin' a GTX1060 at 1080p. Refresh rate? I have absolutely no idea.


I don't own RTX either (not yet), but 10xx cards can at least enable RTX now. Yeah, it runs terrible - but videos really won't do it justice entirely until you see it running. It needs to be seen, in person, running in a game to be believed; it looks amazing.



Fair enough. I didn't even know that was an option with my hardware.


There are two pretty good reasons to buy a PS5 and one really good one. 


The first reason is if you just really want to play the exclusives.  For some people, Demon's Souls alone is worth buying a PS5.  Exclusives are why I have a Switch and a PS4 but no XBOX.  I had mild interest in the XBOX early on before stuff like Forza started coming to PC, then I had zero reason to want one.  And then it comes down to whether whatever exclusives you want are worth the cost of the new system. 


I wouldn't have bought a PS5 at launch (or wouldn't have kept it at least, considering what they are selling for) if I had a Pro to use with my new TV but I didn't so it meant a couple of neat exclusives to play at launch plus a backlog of PS4 games that will look way better.  I basically upgraded my PS4.  And that is the second good reason to get one - you have a 4K tv but do not have a PS4 Pro.  


The best reason is that it is new and shiny.  When Smeagol sees the beautiful gold ring and craves it and  he strangles Deagol for it, that is how you should feel buying new tech.   Just instead of Smeagol and Deagol it is Warren and a stranger from Craigslist and presumably the police after they find a man strangled in front of a Denny's at one in the  morning.

Having a new tv has even made me start using it for its original intended purpose again.  I am currently watching The Grand Tour and then going to watch The Expanse, I have watched a very small amount of tv for years though so I am open to other suggestions of things I can find on Prime, Netflix or Hulu that are from the last decade or so.  I think Person of Interest is the only series I have watched from beginning to end that is even remotely recent.  

Well, I do have a PS4 Pro, so if I follow your logic, I wouldn't have much of a need to get a PS5 at the moment.


I do agree with folks who are saying MS has few to no exclusives of any value, but I think there's a reason for that beyond that they . . . just don't have any. Sure, Microsoft has been buying and bringing in-house a number of development studios in the last few years, but none of them have cranked out much in the way of amazing new titles yet. But I think that Microsoft's strategy revolves around the idea of getting people to buy Game Pass subs at this point more than trying to out-software Sony. And it could work.


I defy you to produce any evidence that I've ever left any corpses in front of a Denny's.


If you're watching The Grand Tour, I'm assuming you've seen all of old-school Top Gear. If not, you should go check that out.



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19 November 2020 - 10:09 PM

Couch gaming with a controller, man.  Sometimes I just want to sit on the couch and play destiny on my 4K HDR television for five hours.  I get that some people do that with their PCs, but I'm not there yet.  We all have different setups.  My PC is stuck in my home office, with workstation space.  Sometimes you just want to veg out on the couch. 



Yeah. . . but I can do that on a current-gen system. 


Well....we still have people here without 4K, without G-sync capable setups, that have never had true HDR or high-bitrate video experiences judging other people for their investments into graphics.  I could sit here gaming on a PS3 or a prebuilt Hewlett Packard hand-me-down from 2009 and say the same things.


Right now is a generational leap forward (from both a value and a tech standpoint).  I mean some people are still using 500mps speeds SATA SSDs, or even HDDs.  Is a 4,000mps NVMe drive not a step forward just because you don't care?  Everyone has different perspectives. 

Sure. I never tried to claim any of this was anything other than my opinions--but I will remain firm in my conviction that you are wrong when you say PS5/XXX represent generational leaps forward. I just don't see it. 

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

19 November 2020 - 09:57 PM

Now the Xbox is just, IMHO, sort of insulting.  All of their exclusives are available and run better on PC and are most often cheaper.  I can't be too mad though - it's the main reason why I ditched it and built my own PC.

I'd say that's a fair cop about the games on Xbox. Microsoft is claiming that there will be a lot of next-gen titles available shortly, but it does have a very weak group of showcase items at the moment and I don't think any of them are exclusives--and of course, nothing's truly exclusive if all are ported to PC, which I'm sure they will be henceforth. I still prefer the Xbox--and will readily concede this is a personal preference--because the device works better as a media center. Sony never really put the energy into getting all of the streaming apps available on PS. One could definitely argue that with every TV being a smart TV this isn't terribly important, but Samsung has a pretty weak selection of apps too. . . so I'm happy to use my Xbox to serve that purpose. What I actually think would be nice--although I'm probably the only person who thinks so--is if Microsoft decided to really expand its Play Anywhere initiative, but that seems to have fizzled out. I guess they've written it off as something pointless because everyone gaming on PCs is buying stuff on Steam or Epic. 



That said, I get that for some people that's their gaming box and it's like a PC - is there really a reason to upgrade a PC if it's playing games fine?  No, but some people still end up paying $2000 every time the latest GPU and CPU tech comes out because they want the shiny new thing.

Sure, there are always people who are going to jump at getting the new shiny thing because it's there, but I'd argue that's no more rational than climbing a mountain. . . because it's there. 

Have you ever turned on RTX in any of your games, just to look at it or run it for a few minutes? Sure, it might run like a slide-show on my 1060 6GB laptop and all - but it makes old games like Quake 2 with Q2 RTX look tons better. Same w/ games like Metro: Exodus - it just looks amazing, once enabled.
But, yeah - if games are running at insane framerates (b/c one has amazing hardware) and one ain't playing online competitively (i.e. you're doing a single-player game) - yeah, I'd pretty the heck out of that game w/ RT.

Uh, no. I don't actually own an RTX series card in either my laptop or desktop. Sometime in the next six months, I'm probably going to pony up around $2,000 for an MSI or Acer laptop with 16Gb of RAM, a 1-2Tb SSD and a 2070 series card. . . and most of the space on the drive is probably going to be taken up by photos. Even though I've been a PC gamer since I was 8 years old (C64, yo), I've been playing more and more games on consoles lately. Cyberpunk is probably the next big game I'll sit at my laptop for hours playing, but they're getting to be fewer and farther between. The way my days have been lately I don't even feel as though I have time to PC-game, as weird as that may sound. I can sit and literally spend a few hours just tweaking things in something like Jurassic World: Evolution or faffing about and completing just a tiny portion of an area in a game like BG3--and then I sort-of wonder what the hell happened to the day. I played Miles Morales for about a half-hour last night and quit.

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

19 November 2020 - 07:20 PM


None of which is to say anyone needs a next gen console (or a next gen GPU) right now.  Of course not.  It's the start of the cycle and everyone's still going to cater to last gen customers who make up the majority of the market.  But I keep hearing the same two ray tracing comments (no games / what's it even do) and think the new console generation sort of makes them moot.  With millions of new ray tracing capable machines, you're going to see a lot more ray tracing in games and more effective/creative use for it.


It's an interesting point, and I tend to agree that having a huge base of machines capable of utilizing it will make it more common, but IMO, it's still just ray-tracing, which, as I understand the matter, just basically means you make some slightly-fancier lighting in your games. That's hardly revolutionary in terms of graphics. It's why I come back to the idea of why you'd bother upgrading just for the sake of this. It's not like we're suddenly going to completely photorealistic images. This is. . . a tweak, at best. I'd argue (and I think I have) that what this next-generation really represents is a fairy modest set of enhancements to the current-gen technology, which means that calling it "next-gen" is frankly a bit overblown.