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#14385965 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 22 March 2021 - 07:00 PM

Your post made me realize I remember nothing about that movie other than the ending and Dr. Manhattan’s blue dong.

Then you probably forgot what color Rorschach's dong was. . . .

#14384945 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 17 March 2021 - 07:39 PM

D&D: Dark Alliance announced.
Looks like a co-op brawler/ARPG type of game....with some Destiny, Division & Godfall influences, but instead a medieval game here set in the D&D World/Universe/Setting.

I watched the trailer and holy crap is that music annoying! Other than that, yeah, I could get behind an ARPG with Drizz't, Wulfgar, Cattie and Bruenor kicking butt.

Since we're on the RPG topic - I need to chop away at some of these, as these are some big games that need to be started and/or completed.
After finishing ME2 DLC's, DA2 DLC's and DAI DLC's - I think I'm still in RPG mode.
Some of these - like DOS1 & W3, I've started...but never finished. Some of these, never tackled certain expansions and/or DLC's.
So, what do you guys all suggest for RPG's? What do you like the best out of these? 
Here's stuff, in my backlog:

  • Pillars of Eternity 1 (and its Expansion Pass)
  • Pillars of Eternity 2 [base-game]
  • Divinity: Original Sin 1
  • Shadowrun: Hong Kong
  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate (DLC/expansion)
  • Neverwinter Nights 1: Enhanced Edition - Kingmaker DLC
  • Neverwinter Nights 1: Enhanced Edition - Darkness over Daggerford DLC
  • NWN1: EE - Pirates of the Sword Coast DLC
  • NWN1: EE - Wyvern Crown of Cormyr DLC
  • NWN1: EE - Infinite Dungeons DLC
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker [base-game]
  • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
  • BG1: EE - Dragonspear [expansion]
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt & Expansion Pass
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance [base-game]
  • Fallout 4: Nuka World (DLC)
  • Mass Effect 3: DLC Bundle Pack
  • ELEX
  • The Technomancer
  • Final Fantasy 15: Windows Version (with Ardyn DLC)
  • Ni No Kuni 1: Remastered
  • Ni No Kuni 2: Prince's Edition
I'd put PoE II close to the top of your list. It's really fun. The first game is good too, but the sequel improves on it in many ways.
Kingdom Come is very skippable, IMO. The difficulty is brutal to the point that it makes for a fairly-unpleasant experience. I really wanted to like that game, but . . . .

Personally, I'm waiting for BG3 to get out of Early Access/Developmental Access and actually at least hit Version 1.0. Though, knowing me, I'll probably get it way later, when it's cheaper.
And honestly, I probably should tackle Divinity: Original Sin 1 first; and also buy & play Divinity: Original Sin 2.
This new Dark Alliance...doesn't look like Dark Alliance. DA was, to me, an isometric ARPG/CRPG looking at being in-the-between hybrid of sorts. I never played it - wish it came to PC, but it never did.
This new Dark Alliance....looks like a mix b/t Destiny, Division, and Godfall all set in D&D-Land.
I dunno - if I need say more of that D2-like isometric-ARPG, I probably should just tackle Grim Dawn; and work on Titan Quest: Anniversary some more. Never finished those - and honestly, I should get to work on those, at some point in time.

Well, if it does turn out that way, I'd be inclined to agree, but I never played the original and I'm not sure we know enough about this iteration to be certain.

I'm already some 20-30 hours into W3: Wild Hunt. Probably barely done main stuff, mostly side stuff. Even though I've had it forever, I often seem to play it for a bit...and then stop. Something else gets in the way.
I do really need to commit to that  game.

Yes, you should definitely move this to the top as well. Sure, it's a huge time-sink, but it's really worth it.

Don't be giving him any ideas now...

Oh, no. It's happening!!!!!

One I didn't see on your list was D:OS2. I know you started the first, and I'm guessing it didn't grab you since you didn't stick with it, but the second is so much better imo. It's a really remarkable game. I know I've talked about it before, but I just had a lot of fun with that game because of the variety, the lore, and the breadth of possible ways to approach any given situation. It should be on anyone's short list.

I second this. I thought OS1 wasn't as flexible or as fun as 2.

Game Pass has allowed me to try a number of games I thought I'd like and then realize that I didn't feel like playing them after all. I look forward to adding Nier: Automata to the list alongside Outer Worlds, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Doom Eternal.

What I've spent on Game Pass subs, I've made up in not owning those games.

Hm. Well, I really liked The Outer Worlds, but it came out when I had a GP sub converted using that trick where you could get Gold to convert to Ultimate. I wanted to like A Plague Tale--the core idea was interesting, but the execution of the mechanics was awful. I quit after making the wrong turn when trying to escape villagers for the tenth time in the second chapter. Youngblood is pretty decent for what it is, but I'm just not that much of a shooter guy. I agree with your main point, though. I would have been mildly annoyed about spending money on something like A Plague Tale or Mudrunner or Overpass.

#14380225 Humble Bundle Thread

Posted by warreni on 25 February 2021 - 05:47 PM

My 2p on Fuser:

#14377240 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 12 February 2021 - 02:58 PM

Is it possible to experience magic on the Epic game store?  :shock:


#14377024 Humble Bundle Thread

Posted by warreni on 11 February 2021 - 04:43 PM

It's Cyanide, so...I doubt it'll be AAA sparkling production-city here.
It could be more like B-Studio game like a Piranha Bytes RPG in this era; Reality Pump Game (i.e. Two Worlds); or something from Spiders (i.e. Mars: War Logs) - there might not be something different, interesting, cool and/or special/unique about it...but it's still lacking a bunch of something to take it to the next level.
Likely, that'll probably be these short-comings - the game's a bit repetitive or shallow in some way; voice-acting is "meh"; and/or stilted writing and/or dialogue.
Also, see this:

Hm. Interesting. Yep, sounds like a mid-year 50%-off purchase, perhaps.

That what your mom said to me last night.

Wait a second--how many of you are there?!

Apropos of nothing, I'm probably going back to racing games. Nothing seems to be grabbing my interest lately. I fired up ESO the other day and wandered around with no quests to complete for 20 minutes. I played briefly and uninstalled Control, Dead Rising, Nier: Automata, Greedfall, Yakuza 3 Remastered, and Mafia. I'm sort-of playing Maneater on PS4, but it's long stretches of eating small fishes and avoiding alligators, which is also a bit boring. Is Injustice 3 coming out soon? Or something from Wales Interactive that isn't a horror game?

#14377016 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 11 February 2021 - 04:32 PM

The part that gets me is when the lawyer assures the judge "I'm prepared to go forward with it.  I'm here live; I'm not a cat".  They played your video on my local news tonight!  The anchors absolutely lost it when he got to that line.  Then suggested he was committing purrjury. 

Here's what I don't get about that statement: can you not be live AND a cat?



#14367081 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 03 January 2021 - 05:05 PM

Don't. It's worth $5 tops, and halfway through you'll just want to quit anyway. Lightersaber stuff is fun, but the story is trash, the level design is trash, no fast travel, and shortcuts are basically "unlock this door from the other side" while holding a lightsaber that can cut thru almost anything.



Eh, I would pay $10..maybe $15.. Maybe.. I didn't think story was that bad... But there is way too many instances of wall-running and sliding bullshit
Also, the main character pilots like a battleship...

I agree the no fast travel is lame. It also bugged me that I couldn't just pick up a blaster and start blasting these mooks... Nope gotta keep deflecting their bolts until I get close enough and use the light Saber or somewhat weak force power.

I won't even talk about some of the rage-inducing boss battles...

I don't regret getting it for my Christmas last year, it definitely scratched the star wars itch.

OK $10 max... Or get it on Game Ass

I played it on Game Pass, and I quit during the wall-running tutorial, proving conclusively that the wall-running is awful. . . or I suck at it. Either way, the ratio of annoying crap to fun story was too high for me. Take that for what it's worth, but I couldn't even get much value out of playing it for "free."


Why hasn't anyone made a decent "play as a Jedi" game since Jedi Academy? It can't be THAT hard.

#14364541 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 24 December 2020 - 12:27 AM

It's old and about fans... but the same work with keyboards, except it's since been tested successfully.





Found the updated version...


Hm. I think you guys might be confusing RGB lights with ioun stones.

#14362691 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 18 December 2020 - 04:45 PM

If you're looking for a game to try, have you played Control? Just finished it after putting in 50 hours. Great game.  Feels like being in a supernatural sci fi horror mystery show.


I mean, that would run it probably but not super well.   What's your budget for a PC?

Hm. It didn't seem like something I'd like. What's the best way to play it? M+k or controller? I might look into it. 


There's videos of 1650s running it.  Not "well" -- you'll need to lower the settings, resolution or both.


This is a pretty awful time to price out a new system since component scarcity is hurting the market and driving up the price of even lower end video cards. With a $600 budget, I'd sell $50 worth of plasma and buy this.  That's hoping the $600 doesn't need to cover the monitor.

I'm pretty sure my i5-based laptop has a 1650 or 1660 in it. I'm running Cyberpunk with no issues (LOTS of glitches of course, but no crashes) on medium settings. 


Legit looking leak for the Epic freebies. Sadly I own most of these. I might have to play through Solitairica again though since it's one of my all time favorite phone games: 

That's not a list that's really on par with Epic's last big set of giveaways. Not even close, really. I'd feel bad about bitching about free games, but what the hell--it's what we do here, isn't it? A few of the sale items might be worthwhile, so yay for $10 coupon. 

#14362214 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 17 December 2020 - 01:09 PM

Thanks! Appreciate that.



8GB ASUS Dual-fan GeForce RTX 3070 OC



All of the following listed below altogether:

- $1,000,000

- Cyberpunk 2077 PC version

- A new mansion

Joke's on you. I traded my firstborn for one.



I've only played a couple of hours of Cyberpunk, and that's in part because it just isn't that compelling. That may be a personal problem. I'm struggling to find too many games things that I'm drawn to spending hours and hours on at the moment. Miles Morales was more Spider-Man, and I really enjoyed Spider-Man. The gameplay under the neon-vomit color scheme and pseudo-GIbson neologisms just isn't grabbing me. It's certainly not as interesting or fun as The Witcher. :shrug:


#14359535 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 10 December 2020 - 07:44 PM


Epic Freebies:


Free Games Page:



This Week's Freebies:

  • Pillars of Eternity: Definitive
  • Tyranny: Gold Edition

Next Week's "Mystery" Freebie:

  • ??


If for some crazy reason you don't already own either of those, they're both worth at least one playthrough. The PoE series in particular is great. Tyranny is . . . a bit odd, but still worth playing. 

#14359121 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 09 December 2020 - 05:18 PM

You've just described my typical night with MysterD's mom!

Which one of you is wearing the Santa costume?



Asking for a friend. 

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Posted by warreni on 08 December 2020 - 07:11 PM

Jonny Cappuccino banished me from his dungeon paradise and condemned me to an eternity of mom jokes and pics of pizza with pineapple toppings.

Motoki, is that you?



Hey, guys, I think inm8num2 has been hacked!

#14358388 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 07 December 2020 - 08:44 PM

The long dark winter of Dark Souls:



#14349133 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by warreni on 20 November 2020 - 12:52 AM

Honestly, yeah.  Unless you really want to play Demon's Souls there isn't a lot of reason to get one.  Wait until they make one with more storage and hopefully that isn't so ridiculously huge and nearly impossible to use horizontally.   (slight edit: You do get some improvements even over a Pro but judging from your other posts I don't think they would be worth it to you personally)


I haven't watched much since they changed hosts, but yeah old school Top Gear and Doctor Who were shows I actually kept up with.  I just couldn't be bothered to watch Prime Video on my computer which was the only option I really had until I bought the OLED or I would have watched The Grand Tour a long time ago.

Yes, for me personally, I'm not sure whether it will pay to move to a 5 until they're almost getting ready to put out a 6. And by then, Sony might have decided to start putting out all of its first-party stuff on PCs sooner than later, which would pretty much make getting a 5 utterly pointless to me.


No, my wife boycotted the show and virtually pretended it never existed after Clarkson was fired--but she loved The Grand Tour. You might want to check out some of the other Hammond and May shows that are on Prime too. There's some old stuff and James May has a show about wandering around and generally faffing about in Japan and a new one that's a cooking show, of all things.