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In Topic: Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promo.

12 June 2015 - 11:01 PM

My money is that there's a split on the loss from a shallow view point on it.
There are various (in less magnitude) reasons why a publisher might want to reject a freebie if that's what BB is offering...but yeah, probably a split to factor in too. 
Since that's what I think, I'm not so inclined to blame publishers for not making the list since who knows what that split would be.

In general a $10 cert/giftcard is split $5 by BB $5 by the company, BB gets discounts on bulk orders so with extremely large AAA sellers they don`t even really "feel" the $5 "loss".

I'm actually rather surprised that the reward cert isn't for in-store pre-orders only. It would make more sense if they took the hit (or partial hit) in exchange for getting you to come to the store twice.

That wouldn`t make sense since a reward cert can only be spent @ BB anyways. The hope is that the GS trade in cycle is adapted there was an article which one of the BB mods commented on explaining it better but I can`t locate it.

Can Sony please give best buy permission to put ps4 exclusives with this promo ? :(

Sony loves those buy ___ game get $10-$20 off a controller, PS+/PSN and/or other Sony 1st party title since it effectively ensures they get the double dip. Generally, nowhere near as good as the $10 cert unless you need the PS+ or want the other game too. A few times the TIV`s worked out to where you could trade in both games and rebuy for a better deal though.

In Topic: Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promo.

09 June 2015 - 10:58 PM

so they basically said blame square enix

I blame them more than the other companies b/c they had the structure setup to dictate the titles added without help. With the original $120 GCU price point all they needed to do was add four(2 per yr)$10 pre-order certs coupons in the welcome kits or revamp the 5 for $100 offer to GCU only.

Even if they added the $10 credit to a premier title on their own 1st then approach the company after their pre-order #'s spike it could lead to $10 gc/$10 cert like with the PS3/360 MK deal.

In Topic: Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promo.

09 June 2015 - 10:18 PM

Not Just Cause 3 I believe. I'm hoping for that add.

They shot it down

In Topic: 1TB Xbox One + Halo: The Master Chief Collection + $50 MS Store Credit +...

09 June 2015 - 09:58 PM

Like the move to larger HD's but this close to E3 IDK would have to be $100 credit.

In Topic: Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promo.

19 April 2015 - 01:12 AM

Damn the last MK got a $10 cert and $10 instant gc this one gets $10/$15 although GCU needs to be figured in too. Can't really understand how BB wasn't able to extend the $10 to more titles w/o assistance from publishers if they'd charge $120.