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Blog Gotian > Gotians Games of my year 2013

Posted 05 December 2013

So its been a while since ive posted any blogs so why not put up my second annual games of my year. If anyone who read my entry last year you know how this works but if you haven't then here it is. Games of my year include any games that I have played this year, that does not necessarily mean that it is a game that came out this year. so without further a...

Blog Gotian > Atelier Ayesha First look review

Posted 01 May 2013

Hey eveyone, been a while since I put up a new blog. There are a couple games I need to do reviews for, dead space 3, ni no kuni, and assassins creed. But first I would like to do a quick first look review on atelier Ayesha.

So as you all know by now I am a big atelier fan, you also know I am quite upset at the lack of a collectors edition for this one....

Blog Gotian > Sad day for Atelier Fans - Atelier Ayesha

Posted 24 January 2013

So this week I spoke to my contact at Nis America to find out more information about the recently announced Atelier Ayesha. Now I'm sure that like me many of you atelier fans I had been waiting for this since it was announced in japan and so I was hoping NISA was going to localize it with a collectors edition like they have been doing. So after speaking t...

Blog Gotian > League of Legends Review

Posted 14 January 2013

So I have been putting off this review for a while. Main reason is I wanted to get a good feel of the game and after a year I am ready to write. For those who arent familiar with it, League of Legends is an online MMO PVP (Player vs Player) or Player vs AI. One thing to mention is that this game is FREE! Unlike some other games that claim to be free but m...

Blog Gotian > Games of my year Awards 2012

Posted 31 December 2012

okay attempt number four to write this out, lol. It seems that everytime I write this the computer shuts off or something happens. So in light of that let me put it all here:

Biggest disappointment of my year: Resident Evil Raccoon City - Enough said about this. It was a good idea poorly executed. When this was announced I was excited with the idea...