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#11470710 The CAG Backlog Support Group.

Posted by beetlegum on 24 January 2014 - 09:35 PM

So what's the best approach when you have a massive backlog?  I have over 200 360 and PS3 titles unplayed.  Even more sad, quite a handful of Xbox 1 games still in the shrink wrap.


I thought it would be fun to just randomly pull a game off the shelf without looking at the title, and then I have to play it until completion.   I picked Godfather 2.  I remember having a lot of fun with the demo, but good gosh, this game is now so butt ugly and glitchy.  Why am I wasting my time with this mediocre game when I have solid titles like GTA5 and even SKyrim to play.  Yet, I paid money for it,  Ifeel like I must play it.  


My problem is I suck at gaming, and can never breeze through titles.  Right now, I'm on Arkham Origins, and wasted an entire day trying to get past the Deathstroke boss.  Well I did play some Starcraft too. lol

#11227976 Cheapy D and his Xbox love

Posted by beetlegum on 12 November 2013 - 09:51 PM

They don't have to show any neutrality (though some level of neutrality is probably preferred, in order to reach the widest base possible). It's Cheapy's site, he can display whatever preferences he wants.


For what it's worth, I've heard Cheapy be critical of Xbox One on the podcast and praise the PS4. He was even dismissive of a (lack of) feature on the PS4, that it won't play MP3s. And he had just talked about how he likes to customize soundtracks in-game for things like NHL.



Gotta call BS on that one.  Cheapy pretty much glossed over the Xbox One's glaring criticisms during E3 basically saying he didnt see what the big deal was about always online and not being able to play used games.


Any praise for Sony is few and far between.  The Cagcast has a long history of being a Sony snob with the most recent being Ship trashing Beyond Two Souls and calling it an interactive movie.  Yet, Alan Wake was an interactive movie, and they just were all gaga over that game.  And even when you have a AAA Sony exclusive that every freaking reviewer gushed over like Last of US, the guys ended up trashing that title as well.  

#10987015 Amazon Trade-In FAQ 5.0

Posted by beetlegum on 16 August 2013 - 01:02 AM

Stumbled upon a complete copy of Supreme Commander for 360 at a local gamexchange.  $5.95.  Not too shabby!


Nice!  I went to my GameXchange with 17 game list, and they didn't have one of em. lol  I've had the worst luck lately.

#10854842 CAGcast #327: The E3 2013 Authentication Free, Digital Deluxe Edition

Posted by beetlegum on 24 June 2013 - 02:15 PM

While previous shows have made it obvious that the crew is pro-Xbox, this podcast just bordered on obnoxiousness.  Cheapy fails to grasp the real reason for all the Microsoft anger.  It boils down to their arrogance.  They offered a product that limits my freedom as a consumer, and told me if I didn't like, tough shit.  Go play a 360.  Now I don't think anyone believes Microsoft is an evil corporation seeking to screw gamers.  But they are seeking to maximize profits and that means they don't have gamer's best interest in mind.


Yet,  here we have Sony delivering a decisive blow to Microsoft. They offer top notch free games with Playstation Plus.  Good exclusives.  What the hell else does this company have to do to get the Cagcast to at least give them some credit?  The fact that Shipwreck took a dump on Last of Us, a Sony exclusive that pretty much everyone else loved just shows more biased.  I bet if this game came out on Xbox, all three guys would have played it and be gushing over it by now.