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Site review for Gladriel.com

13 September 2010 - 08:52 PM

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Gladriel.com looks to be like a site that gives reviews on up coming games and Gaming systems. They also have an action feature on their site kind of like what ebay has.

Let me talk about the front page. On their front page they have the Featured Auctions with the current bid and the time that is left on that auction. To the right of that they have a New Releases to the site and a tab with Most Wanted.
To the bottom they have the top videos. To the bottom of that they have the Top News where they talk about the Gaming Systems and the Games that will be released. They also have the new on the Events for example PAX. They give a review on what had happen, how many people attended and so on. To the top of the main page there are tabs with the different gaming systems: PC, XBOX 360, Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, DS, 3DS, Last gene, and Retro. If you scroll over one of those tabs then there will be options to pick: Auctions, Games, Previews, Reviews, Walkthroughs, News, Cheats, Images, and Videos.
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On with the auctions page. Now remember I said that the top of Gladriel.com has tabs, scroll over the house one and click the auctions tab. From there you will be directed to an auctions page. Under the tabs there is a search auctions, where you can type in the name of the game you are looking for and search for it. Right under that, there is a Auction category where you can choose the Game system you want your game for and you will be able to scroll throughout the pages it takes you too. Under that, there are there are 3 options, Auctions under $20, New releases first, Original(not opened) items. And finally the tabs to what you would like to do, the All option shows all auctions, raffles ect… Then there are the separate tabs: Auctions, Dutch auctions, Exchanges, Buy It Now, and raffles.
Auctions: These are the ones you place your bids and try to win that item.
Dutch auctions: I am not sure what these are but looks to be the same as regular auctions.
Exchanges: I have no idea what this is I was looking at the page but it looks like you place an offer or something.
Buy It Now: You can purchase that item for the amount that the user is asking for.
Raffles: You can buy tickets for the item you chose and hope to win it.
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The account. You will be able to crate an account on Gladriel.com and will be able to put in your information, gamer tags and so on.
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There is also a forum page where there will be different options, General, Games, Platform, Support. That is there so you can talk about what you truly love. (GAMES!!!)

Prizes!!!!! On there site there are a couple of ways to win some games for yourself. One is the Facebook page where the details are below.

Facebook: http://www.facebook....59654245?v=wall

There giveaway details: http://www.gladriel.com/facebookpromo/

There is also another way to win. A write up of their site. Details are below.

Link: http://www.gladriel.com/promotion/

And there is also a giveaway for you twitter users. Details below.

Link: http://www.gladriel....ys-guitar-hero/

My opinions: This site was recommended to me by a friend. I think it is a really great site and its way different than others I have seen. I hope they keep up the good work and I hope to win some great prizes. And I wish you all luck. This was my way of helping you find your way through the site. Hope you enjoyed and I am off now till later.


Win Lost Planet 2 Swag!!!!!!

19 August 2010 - 02:07 AM

Hello Lady's and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. We have a bunch of cool swag you can win by playing Lost Planet 2. We are going to hold a competition for all of you Lost Planet 2 players that will be held next week. The best part of all is that it will be open to: USA, EUROPE, CANADA, JAPAN, and AUSTRALIA.

The rules will be posted on Friday and sign ups will start Friday and run for a week. The competition will be Next week. Just head down to Capcom-Unity.com and make an account because you will be needing it to be able to sign up.

Competition run by Chris, his page is here:


Here is the link to the Thread:


Alright that's all I can say for now just so you LP2 lovers can get ready for the action. So don't forget to make your accounts at Capcom-Unity.com for your chances to win something cool. This was Mono626 and I say till next time :]

If you have any questions just send me a pm here or on http://www.capcom-unity.com/mono626.

Here is a sneak peak:

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(It will be for both the 360 and the Ps3 )