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Blog Salmonday > You Oughta Be in Pixels: My Lives in Videogames

Posted 24 June 2010

Since I heard it was mentioned on the CAGcast, I figured I'd better get a blog post up because this might be one of the first places people look for information.

Yes, I do have a chapbook of video game themed poetry! It's my first widely circulated chapbook since "Shattered Ideas" in 1999 and the less-widely circulated "Monsters of Poetry, Vol. 1" (a Si...

Blog Salmonday > A Girl and Her Glob?

Posted 12 January 2010

I got the Wii game "A Boy and His Blob" off of CAG this week in part out of nostalgia, in part because the game seems to be pretty good, and in part because I thought my daughter would love it. I'm sure she would if she gives it a chance, but her initial reaction (she is a Kindergartner) is "why do I have to play a boy in this? Can't I be a girl. I wan...

Blog Salmonday > Join My Fantasy Fantsay Football League!

Posted 24 July 2009

Here's an idea for handling the inane chatter of the stat-worshipping, individual-focusing, defense-generalizing, offensive line completely oblivious to-ing, fantasy football players in your life who are ramping up for the season that used to be cheering for a team, and not about crying in your beer because the wide receiver who caught the game winning to...

Blog Salmonday > The Dreamcast Hardware Retrospective Extravaganza

Posted 26 June 2009

I never thought it would come to this, and yet here I am. It's time to sell my "mini-computer" online-capable Dreamcast and accessories. With a new baby in the house (my second), both space and time have been condensed, which makes it sound like my infant is more like a quantum singularity. Although if you've ever seen her gravitational pull at the par...

Blog Salmonday > Salmonday's Scuttlebutt #2: Project Red / U2's Guitar Game

Posted 10 January 2009

Salmonday’s Scuttlebutt #2

The economy blows. And when the economy blows, charity often tanks – people give less, or stop giving altogether. People also cut back on buying brand names, accepting less flamboyant designs or labels. So what happens when you have a brand name that is also a charity, and the economy blows? Well, then you have to get creat...