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21 March 2015 - 02:30 PM

what nooooooooooooo, my fed ex shipment updated to 6x6x6 for my two mario order


it was 8x8x8 or whatever the highest one was the other day 0_o


future RIP but at least i am getting it


In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

20 March 2015 - 08:27 PM

Only meta knight left at NWS :(
Needed lucario and wanted rosalina

Go back and get one and I'll trade you either for MK :D

In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

20 March 2015 - 04:18 PM

After hours trying to get some at my 1st store (story after this one) I drove next town over last night and was out til 3:30 this morning. 1 person was working stocking back in electronics and she had a mess on her hands. I asked her if they had any of the new wave amiibos and she said if they did they'd be on the pallet with the movies but she couldn't leave to go look since she was by herself. I told her I understand & she said if I didn't care to wait until she could catch another employee coming off break that she'd go look because she knew where'd they'd be. I then proceeded to tell her what the box would look like since I'd just seen some boxes at the walmart in my hometown and noticed a box of what appeared to be amiibo on a pallet right there beside the register. I told her I think that was a box of amiibo and she opened it and it was smash bros version of bowser. Anyways, after about 30 mins she caught someone to help watch as she went and looked and she came back with 2 boxes. She opened them and lo and they both contained gold marios (8 total). I ended up buying a case & left the other case didn't want to appear too greedy pushing it plus I'd been hearing they might be a limit of 1 but since no one else was there no one was around to really make that an issue. I also wanted the box they came in since I thought it would be cool to keep them stored that way & asked her if I could have it and she said yeah so we stuck them back in the box and I went upfront to self checkout and each one had to be unlocked by csm which was no big deal. I also got 4 at my local store to cover family and friends who might want 1. One woman there told me they didn't have any but I knew better & she had another woman stocking who knew nothing about them. I could not ask her since she heard the other lady tell me they had no marios or toads. She put out yoshi, luigi, and peach probably 4 of each and I never saw her anymore. In the meantime I'd got talking to another collector and he didn't know much about the gold mario so I filled him in. He got wanting 1 really bad too and was much more persistent than me & went to the boxes they had on a crate back behind register and reached over grabbing 1 and she was keeping a close eye and said "hey, you getting in my freight" and he laughed and proceeded to tell her what exactly we were looking for. She went and brought out a box of disney infinity characters which he collected too and he immediately let her know those were different and boxes are different pointing at the nintendo boxes. A bigwig came by and overheard and he went back and checked and came out with 2 boxes of amiibo's. 8 gold marios just so happened. So we got 2 each at first and they took the others and hung up. We both had been there for hours and the floor cleaners had use driven insane. We went over there and no one was around but us so we then got an additional 1 and finally just decided to get 4 each because we knew it would be stupid not to. It's funny because each of us were reluctant because we'd just been discussing the scalpers a bit but not really in a negative light. You can't blame someone for trying to make investments & both of us were buying for others as well. We were there, no one else was there so 1st come 1st serve if they don't limit them. Had they had a limit that would have made it very easy for both of us. We went to self checkout with them & each one had to be done as I stated above at my 2nd store visit. I just rarely ever get anything out of my efforts and this was the rare occassion where things worked out in my favor. I'll be holding on to them for quite some time & it's a gamble because for all I know nintendo might release a million more of them but I like them and don't care having them stuck up in the closet. Anyways, here's a pic for those to go by when looking for the amiibo boxes mixed in with freight. From what I'm reading I think they will be more of these dug out from walmarts across the country so this makes it real easy for employees to find them if they see how the box is marked. I really hope all of you who wants 1 gets one or all that you want for that matter. You do have to be persistent (just be nice) & usually good things will happen. I just don't like to come across annoying and aggravating and am quite natured but there is a balance & coming off too strong at either end of the scale usually gets you nothing has been my experience.DSC02424.jpg


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20 March 2015 - 03:32 PM

Toad is getting no love today....

In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

20 March 2015 - 01:34 PM

Got to my store 5 minutes after opening and got the last 2