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In Topic: 15% off non-hardware purchases at EBgames

10 September 2010 - 10:10 AM

Oh, so does that mean with this 15% off EB prices are closer to normal price? Wow, they should do this at 25% or 30% off, then they be more faithful to a reasonable cost!

In Topic: Good online game retailers?

10 September 2010 - 10:07 AM

You talking online? I'd suggest all the UK sites, TheHut, DVD.co.uk, GAME.co.uk. Grabbed Uncharted 2 for just 27-28AUD some months ago.

Talking retailers in Aussie? Not really much over here, I know sites like Whirlpool (and maybe this one) come up with specials when they pop their heads, also take a look on ozbargain too.

If you're a nerd and need pre-orders day one (or minute one), then you're probably not going to have many options available... But I guess that is why stores like EB like to take advantage of that.