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In Topic: Meijer Double Trade in Value Video Games 12/06-12/12

14 December 2015 - 08:08 PM

So the thing about these promotions is that Meijer is paying the promotional value of the trade-in. Nextworth only pays the base value. Let's say you took full advantage of the promo and traded in 4 games for $50 each. That's $200, so Meijer pays $100 and Nextworth pays $100.

So let's say you take that $200 and buy a Best Buy gift card. In essence, Meijer pays Best Buy $100 and Nextworth pays Best Buy $100. (Perhaps Meijer gets a small kickback from Best Buy for selling their gift card, but let's ignore that for now). So now Meijer is down $100, but they do have the video games that you traded in to them. I'm not sure how Meijer and Nextworth splits the value of the games once Nextworth unloads them, but let's assume Meijer gets half.

If you got $50 per game, then I would say it's highly unlikely Nextworth unloads that game for $50. Probably $40 at best. If Meijer gets half of that, Meijer only gets back $80 on your four games. So Meijer loses $20. I might be completely wrong in some of my assumptions. If someone else knows more, let me know. The business of preowned games is getting complex.

You have to look at the chain of events and it will make sense.

I spend $200 at Best Buy for 6 games. Thats $33 per game. Best Buy's margin on games is low. So they paid $20 per game (includes contracts, payroll, physical shipping cost, etc.) Total cost is $20 per game, estimated. So the first transaction ends up like this. Me, -200. Best Buy, +80 (net profit).

Transaction 2 - I trade 4 games to Meijer. Meijer is giving me $200 in credit (net profit tbd in transaction 3). Im back to even. Lets say Meijer sells those games used for $30 a piece. Meijer is up $120 minus what they traded me for the games.....groceries, camera case, grandmas photos, pillows.

Transaction 3 - What am I going to do with that $200 Meijer credit. I spend it on something that costs Meijer... nothing! Meijer is not giving Best Buy any equity here by me buying a gift card. Im transferring my credit to Best Buy.

Now, instead of buying a bunch of things from Meijer with credit...im buying things from Best Buy, that leads us back to Transaction #1.

The score is currently.

Me - 2 games in hand, spent $200 at Best Buy. Got $200 Gift Card for Best Buy.

Meijer - 4 games in hand from a Best Buy store, gave a customer $200 in credit to be used at Best Buy.

Best Buy - sold 6 games for $200, net profit of 80 bucks. Waiting on me to spend the 200 gift card.

Transaction 4 - I spend $200 on a $200 camera that costs best buy $80 wholesale. The net profit on the games was just erased by me buying the camera.

Final result

I get 2 games and Camera for $200. Meijer gets 4 video games for a Best Buy Gift card, lol. Best Buy nets out to zero, because the cost of goods sold equals to dollar amount I pay to them for th e goods.

Best Buy loses.

In Topic: Meijer Double Trade in Value Video Games 12/06-12/12

14 December 2015 - 02:30 AM

No Meijer is the loser, you bought a gift card that goes to a different store. Best Buy gets $100 more now because you bought a gift card.

They lose money on these promotions, this is a way for you to get into a Meijer store and spend money.

I don't think we're seeing it the same way. How does Myers lose in this situation? It just doesn't make any sense. I'm trading in video games purchased at a Best Buy store for $200 credit at Meijer. Meijer did not pay for the video games that I traded in. So when they go to resell them whatever they sell them for is pure profit. And I'm not buying anything else in the store so there's no cost of good sold coming out of the store. However because I have a Best Buy gift card now I'm going to go take probably about 50 to 75 dollars in cost of good sold from Best Buy. Best Buy did not give me that $200 gift card. So now best buys breakdown is they gave me two video games for free plus a $200 gift card after I just spent $200 in their store. Meyer wins, and i win and Best Buy gives me more than what they bargained for

This promotion would not deter me from going right back into Meijer and shopping for groceries. If anything, they want me to use that gift card on another stores gift card.

In Topic: Meijer Double Trade in Value Video Games 12/06-12/12

13 December 2015 - 07:09 PM

Did this last night. Great deal. Went to best buy. Got 3 games for 100 bucks. Traded 2 to Meijer for $100 gc. Went back to best buy, bought 3 more games. Traded 2 to meijer for another 100 gc. Grabbed a Best Buy GC, used the meijer gc to pay for it.

6 games, 200 bucks. Trade 4 for $200. 2 free games. Great timing between retailers.

Think about it. Those Best Buy gift cards cost nothing to activate in Meijer. So Meijer just traded a zero cost best buy gc for 4 brand new games to be resold in their stores as used games. I win, meijer wins. Best buy loses.

Really the deal at best buy was. Select a game for free, save $100 off your next purchase, lol. Multiple times if you wish, lol.

In Topic: Amazon Dotd: NHL 16 $39.99 All Platforms

15 October 2015 - 12:12 AM

I wouldn't buy this for fighting.

In Topic: Amazon Dotd: NHL 16 $39.99 All Platforms

14 October 2015 - 07:26 PM

Unfortunately, BBY will not add in the GCU 20 percent discount on top of a price match. Their policy states that if a game is priced match outside of Best Buy's price, you get the price match but not the discount. If you have received the discount, it was an error by an employee to give you the GCU discount on top of a price match.

Today I will price match at Best Buy because I paid 47.99 after discount, and they will adjust to 39.99, but it will not be 31.99.

It'd be great if you could still double dip this deal. Ive done it twice before the policy change.