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04 May 2014 - 01:03 AM

Welcome! I will combine shipping (not included) for multiple items when possible, and discount bundles. I have some feedback here and also on my e-Bay account here. I will only ship to the continental US states and the price may increase just a tiny little bit depending on increased shipping cost for me. Unless stated otherwise, assume all PINs or serials have been redeemed. Like new = Complete in box and in excellent condition. By the way, if I am selling I leave feedback as soon as I get the money. If I am the one buying, I expect the feedback after I pay. A couple of transactions have taken place where I wasn't given feedback (despite leaving positive in one) and that's not cool.


Nintendo 3DS 3ds.png

PilotWings Resort like new : $13


Nintendo Gamecube gc.png

InterAct 64mb memory card, excellent very high capacity : $6 (sells for more than double that) Image


Nintendo 64 n64.png - Cartridge only, in very good condition

Flying Dragon : $10


Playstation 3 ps3.png 

Grand Slam Tennis 2 like new : $10

Mass Effect 2 like new, played only first level : $8

Portal 2 like new : $15

Virtua Fighter 5 like new : $8

250Gb Slim Playstation 3 (2001B) with DualShock 3 controller in original box, very good cosmetic and working condition. Supremely reliable! Well ventilated and regularly vacuumed : $175

Playstation 2 ps2.png $85 for everything (includes SSX 3 and more not listed separately here)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 in like new condition : $5

Grand Prix Challenge in very good condition : $6

Playstation 2 Slim in excellent condition, only to be sold with everything else. I will include SSX 3, three controllers, and memory cards (one very high capacity).


Playstation 1 ps1.png

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver disc (only) in very good condition in generic CD case : $3.50

Street Fighter Alpha 3 in very good condition (with Gamestop sticker on the back) : $7.50

SEGA DreamCast dc.png Image - everything listed below (photo is for reference) for $58. I'll include a controller if the bundle is purchased. For a good offer I'll actually sell my entire Dreamcast stuff. The console is in good condition, and besides the below it includes a third controller, a very high capacity memory card, Skies of Arcadia like new, and several games I copied.

Capcom vs SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 Blockbuster disc : $7.50

CART - Flag to Flag very good (Brazilian case) : $3

NBA 2k1NBA 2k2, NFL 2k1 good (nba 2k1 with a couple of cracks on front case) : $9

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing crack on front CD case, Brazilian case : $5

Soul Calibur like new : $30

- The House of the Dead 2 good condition with a fine crack on the front upper left of the case : $5

Virtua Athlete 2000 very good : $3

Virtua Tennis very good : $6

- 2 original VMUs in great shape and no scratches on screen, includes end caps : $7 for both


PC Games  pc.png - Games are complete and in excellent condition (with serial key if applicable). All for $17.

Colin McRae Rally 2.0, in its jewel case with insert. Superb condition! : $3

- Game Stock Car 2010 (updates to 2012 free) in original dvd box : $3

- GT Legends in original - damaged from shipping - dvd box (UK import) : $4

- Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy in original box, with jewel case and manual : $4

Stoked Big Air Edition complete in DVD case (French import, in English) : $4
- Superbike 2011 complete in DVD case (French import, in English) : $4

DVD  :dvd:

Back to the Future Trilogy new but not wrapped: $16
Star Wars Episodes IV-VI box set, I-III individual DVD cases : $30 (the price for all six movies), or $11 for I-III.


iPod - Image 1 Image 2
- iPod Touch 32GB (Slim) 2nd generation in pristine condition with screen protective film and silicone cover, original box with headphones, rarely used and kept away for over two years now and like new (with engraving that isn't visible under cover). The tiny specs in the photo is only dust, both front and rear truly are perfect : $130 (shipping included)



What I am looking for

Money or nominal check, I suppose  :-P


Amazon credit


Thank you very much for looking!