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Trying To Sell Yet Am I Missing Something Or Is Glyde Ripping Us Off

28 October 2012 - 01:56 AM

Hey all,

Not sure where to post this issue but I have sold on Gylde before and this is an issue that is more prominent than ever.

I am trying to sell some games due to needing money but the price I list It for through the "sell this game" bar on the home page is A LOT LOWER than the price Glyde would sell it so it's not adding up.

As an example I have is an unopened LA NOIRE that I am trying to sell as I have no time to play it and if you go to Glyde and want to buy it, you would see it is at a price of $37 about as of this posts date. HOWEVER if you want to SELL it new on Glyde it says you have to sell it at $9.50.

I have a serious issue with this due to how it's essentially ripping both the buyer and seller off at THE SAME TIME! I have to give them 12% commission AND bubble mailer which would be fine, but they AREN'T SELLING IT AT that price! I would make $7 while they would run off with $30 ($37-7) and the buyer is out that $28 as well. As mentioned, this is pretty much illegal unless I am missing something and if I am, OR there is a way to fix this please, PLEASE tell me.

I can't stand Glyde doing this as it seems they are making BOATLOADS off this as many people are using their services. It's seemingly illegal.....I wouldn't mind selling for $9.50 if the buyer pays as much.

Someone please make sense to me? I was fine before with Glyde but haven't used them lately due to this issue.

Thanks a lot though!