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the3rdkey's blog > Xbox 3broken

Posted 09 December 2008

Well my 3shitty keeps getting DREs when I had it fixed earlier this year; back in May. Now they want $90 to fix it. Microsoft is a joke and I am never buying another one of their consoles. I traded in all my games except Rock Band. The PS3 and the Wii are going to be the only systems getting my time.


M$ PoopBox

the3rdkey's blog > PSO to PSU

Posted 09 November 2008

The Phantasy Star series has sucked me dry. From Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, PC, and Xbox 360 I have spent thousands of hours looking for legit rares. Oh, SEGA return to your original form. I crave a true sequel to PSO. The Blue Burst was a shot in the right direction.

Kudos to anyone that still has this:


the3rdkey's blog > SOCOM: Confrontation is sweet.

Posted 07 November 2008


the3rdkey's blog > Bipolar Bear

Posted 03 November 2008

Get it?


the3rdkey's blog > Neck update.

Posted 27 October 2008

Thanks for caring guys/gal. I am happy to say I beat surgery through exercise.