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#14200568 CAGcast #600: Live at LI Retro 2019

Posted by wendellmn on 19 August 2019 - 03:47 PM

finally finished listening this morning and enjoyed the show, Fun to look back and remember htings and close old wounds. really appreciate the effort you guys do to visit with us. you need to plug the discord server more. lots of great people in there and seems we always have things to talk about. looking forward to the next 600.

#13876669 CAGcast #522: The X Factor

Posted by wendellmn on 14 November 2017 - 02:59 PM

Hey Cheapy


I just wanted to remark on your anecdote about your theatre trip, especially the part where you say:


"you can argue about whether it's appropriate to take mentally challenged kids to see action movies..."


You should be 100% free to speak your mind about this, so don't read this as a request for you not to say what you really think. It just seems like you had a real failure of compassion. Do we really need to argue about whether it's appropriate to take "mentally challenged kids" to the theatre? I understand it severely affected your enjoyment of the film, but what is the alternative? That people who cannot control the noises they make don't get to go to the theatre - not even in the middle of a weekday? That they have to set up special showings so that regular people don't ever have to deal with them?


I'm glad that my son, who has pervasive developmental disorder – a kind of autism – gets to go to school with regular kids. I'm glad that he isn't kept back from school trips because he might make too much noise. And if I take him somewhere myself, I hope that those around me won't hold it against me for taking him there, because I want him to be able to enjoy himself like anyone else. I will do my best to pick times when it causes as little disturbance for others as possible, but some people's enjoyment will probably still be affected. That is the cost of letting people with disabilities and disorders live their lives among regular people. I hope that on reflection you do not mind very much. And if you respond in any way, please don't waste time on the woman taking the pictures – she's not relevant to this.


I'm a long, long-time listener. Thanks for spreading joy through your podcast.

Listening to this portion I felt uncomfortable. I think Cheapy was right to be upset about the person taking pictures, but people should be able to see a movie. I think Ty speaks some truth when he tells dad to let people live their lives. Ty still needs to do his homework though.

#13863896 CAGcast #520: Thanks for the Boo-ze

Posted by wendellmn on 30 October 2017 - 04:32 PM

Trying to help Cheapy increase his charitable deductions for year so I just subscribed to the channel through Amazon/Twitch Prime. Does the channel get the same amount of money as if I subscribed normally for $5? 

yes, I believe they get the same amount for the sub.nice use of prime sub, I think i'll do that too.

#13078084 CAGcast #431: World of DoubleCraft: What Else Did you Get Me?

Posted by wendellmn on 03 December 2015 - 09:41 PM

Wombat, that Minecraft story had me cracking up. My 8 year old niece just started playing, after about a year of watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. So, there she is, on the couch with two iPads, one running Minecraft, the other showing a YouTube video of someone building something in Minecraft. I felt like the old fart at Thanksgiving, because I only have a small bit of knowledge about the game, mostly with regard to keeping high school students from installing cracked version on school computers. I'm sure I would have committed accidental Minecraft disaster had she let me do more than look at her iPad from arm's length.

I laughed out loud in the office listening to this story. I love minecraft, and I'm sorry she had her house get burnt down by pop-pop, but your delivery was really good there.