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Blog Monsta Mack > Another favorite games of 2010 blog

Posted 10 January 2011

My favorite/top 10 games of 2010
#1 Mass Effect Two (Who the hell didn't see that coming?)
#2 Alan Wake
#3 Halo Reach
#4 No More Heroes 2
#5 Bayonetta
#6 Red Dead Redemption
#7 Starcraft 2
#8 Call of Duty: Black Ops
#9 Super Street Fighter IV
#10 Blur

Top 5 games of 2010 I didn't purchase
#1 God of War 3 (I don't own a PS3)
#2 Vanquish (Waiting for $20...

Blog Monsta Mack > DELAYED! Predict the next title pushed till 2010!

Posted 30 July 2009

"Dark Void is moving into Capcom's fiscal Q4 in order to get the game out of the crowded fall game season and to allow the development team more time to polish and enhance the game experience." (I lol'ed)

I can't believe it, but It seems Modern Warfare 2 threat is much bigger then Halo's was years ago. Now it just seems every game is delayed (and it look...

Blog Monsta Mack > Should I stay or should I go now? How Paypal screwed me over, or how I screwed myself

Posted 22 May 2009

I have been a eBay buyer/seller since June 06, 2000. However a situation occured through Paypal (which eBay appears to own anyways, which is why I'm upset with eBay) which has urked me beyond belief. Basically I won a auction several weeks ago for a item of value that was $10.25 which is the total cost WITH shipping. However, when I received the item the...

Blog Monsta Mack > So how big is YOUR backlog?

Posted 19 January 2009

Hey fellow CAGers. This is my first blog so bare with me if It's a bit Shaqtastic.

When I first joined CAG six years ago it has saved me a lot of money. I am thankful for Cheapy D creating such a wonderful site that has had me viewing it for a good hour everyday to check out the latest deals and other topics of interest. I owe CAG a good amount of respec...