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#14361648 Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 15 December 2020 - 09:58 PM

Series S available on MS store.





It was up and I got one... but it's gone now.


Supposedly arrives by January 5th.

#14361278 Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 15 December 2020 - 05:02 PM

I'm not buying it. 


Look, perhaps the authors at Android Central are new to making purchases at BestBuy - who knows?  However, I've got a long-standing history of being able to secure high-demand items at BestBuy and have a pretty good understanding of the intricacies and nuances of how their system works.  To date, there hasn't been a single 'must-have' item sold by BestBuy in the past decade that I've failed to secure, if I had desire to purchase it.  Mind you, all of this has been done without bots or external resources (e.g. page alert sites) - just an understanding of their system. 


I've been transparent in my interpretation of the current situation and expect that the product will shadow drop at some point today.  Afterall, their wording in the announcement yesterday about 'after 8 am Central' was almost certainly intentionally-ambiguous.  That being said, I would have been foolish to NOT try at 8 am Central, in the event that they fast-played their hand.


Have patience, padawan. 


#14347004 Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 15 November 2020 - 02:38 AM

This is rather disquieting if accurate:





#14341813 Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 06 November 2020 - 07:32 PM

Series X just showed up. Same thing; no update on Wal-Mart website. Nothing. Just... showed up.

May we know what city/state you are closest to?



#14341044 Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 04 November 2020 - 08:34 PM

Just saw people on twitter that had their Amazon orders update. Someone said to refresh your shipping speed, go to change speed (don't change anything) just click confirm. My PS5 and charger stand now say arriving 11/12.

Thanks for the "Pro Tip"...


It worked for me too for both my PS5 and my Xbox Series X.

#14340608 Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 03 November 2020 - 03:25 PM

Best Buy sent me an email this morning titled: "Please review your pre-order information" for my Xbox Series X.


I went to check the order status and the "Make Shipping Changes" option is no longer clickable.


My credit card hasn't been charged yet, but I still take this as a hopeful sign.

#14339273 Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 30 October 2020 - 12:09 AM

The next 2 weeks are going to be like this for me and many others:





#14339253 Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 29 October 2020 - 11:28 PM

I just got a couple of packages from Target via the good folks at UPS:




I would open them now, but what would be the point?


Now to play the waiting game...



#14337420 Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 24 October 2020 - 03:35 PM

I received an email from Target and 2 of my PS5 accessories have just shipped with an estimated arrival date of November 6th:







#14333550 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S Pre-Order $198 +...

Posted by evisto on 09 October 2020 - 09:18 PM

You can get $22 off the pricey Xbox Series X/S expansion card at Target by simply using your targets free circle account and going to the Offers and clicking +save offer on the "Additional 10% Off Select Electronics or Video Game"


Just canceled my Best Buy Preorder and saved me $22!

Also, if you use your Target Red Card to pay for it then you get another 5% off ($9.90) for a total discount of $31.90 making it $188.09 before tax.





#14331073 Official Collector's Edition Compilation XI - 2020

Posted by evisto on 30 September 2020 - 06:35 PM

Sackboy: A big Adventure PS4 Special Edition is up for pe-order at Best buy, free upgrade to PS5



Thank you!


Much appreciated.

#14324931 Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

Posted by evisto on 17 September 2020 - 09:40 PM

Back in stock on Target?




At least it shows so for me...

#14046196 Official Collector's Edition Compilation IX - 2018

Posted by evisto on 30 August 2018 - 08:39 PM

Hey, did anyone else notice this yet?




There is now a FREE item listed:


"Nintendo - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Collector Coin - Antique Silver, Collectible 1.5" round Super Smash Bros. Ultimate double-sided coin for real fans."


No image of it yet.


I guess the question is, are you a 'real fan'?



#13517405 NES Classic on Amazon at 2pm PST 11/11

Posted by evisto on 11 November 2016 - 08:52 AM

I see both of mine still but I'll keep an eye on it. 


maybe your second order went threw once it was sold out? I think I got both mine in pretty early. 


Well what do you know?


I just rechecked and the 2nd order is showing up now and both orders have already gone to the "Processing" phase.


As Mr. Burns said to Smithers, "I owe you a Coke."



#13202787 Official Collector's Edition Compilation V (No reselling discussions)

Posted by evisto on 14 February 2016 - 02:24 AM



I ordered the Street Fighter V Collector's Edition from Best Buy, which unexpectedly arrived today.




I guess the release date has (un)officially been broken?




I wonder what the consequences will be if I try to go play it online?




Only one way to find out...