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In Topic: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch $33.99 at GameStop.com

14 April 2013 - 03:18 PM

It is showing up at msrp on their website now. I thought it was a price drop - rather than a sale.

In Topic: Dragon Quest IX Clearance 75% Off

19 January 2013 - 02:46 AM

I saw this for 9.99 at Big Lots if you have one near you as well.

In Topic: [EXPIRED] NewEgg $15 off Preorders $59.99 and up (prior purchase required)

20 August 2012 - 09:25 PM

Does anyone know if the mechromancer pre-order bonus is included with the pre-order at Newegg? I'd like to preorder from them but only if this is included.

In Topic: Oh how I wish I bought that game...

18 August 2012 - 02:37 PM

I was at KB Toys around 1997 or 1998 and they had a brand new Virtual Boy system for $20 or $30. I didn't have enough money with me and when I went back a few days later it was of course gone.

There have been many and I have benefited by buying many before they became rare as well, but one of my big ones was at KB Toys as well in the same time period - maybe a year or two earlier.
In their little clearance bins in the middle of the store were tons of brand new NES games for $5. Of them I bought the original Final Fantasy since I hadn't played it but had played all the SNES ones at the time. What I wish I did was purchase all the Final Fantasy copies. There were probably 12-15 there. Having that many sealed would have been pretty amazing.

Also - at my local mom and pop electronics store that is now out of business they had a sealed copy of Secret of Mana sitting on the shelf until they finally closed in the early 2000s. It always had a big sticker on it for $49. I wish I had ponied up the cash then, but I already had a copy. Oh the foresight to buy it and leave it sealed.

In Topic: Best Buy's Gaming Blowout Detailed Lists

22 July 2012 - 06:35 AM

Wow, 2 bucks for a 4GB memory card that can be used for the PSP, I bought 3 of them.

I got 3 as well. BB gave me a $5 coupon back in April and I've been holding onto it for a rainy day. Worked out nicely. $1.05 for all 3 including free shipping.