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Today, 04:40 PM

I don't understand the want/need for physical media.

To play old games off disc, presumably after they would be "unavailable" digitally, would be harder then just cracking the game on an emulator at that same time.

Not to mention the game probably wont install at that point because what ever version of the xbox dashboard you have wont match so you would need to "update" the game either way.

Used game sales are just :shrug: for me. Never participated in that, even in the 90's.

I was following you there right up until you said “even in the 90’s.”

Funcoland or GTFO!!! I miss that place and their game price newspapers.

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Today, 04:28 PM

Got email to this link this morning. That came out of nowhere!


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Today, 12:01 AM

RPi 3B+ does have issues with some games running far too slow but a 4 runs them great. Notably ones I noticed include Galaxy Force 2, S.T.U.N. Runner, Bonk Arcade, Light Bringer, Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Some others are a little iffy with weird sound issues on the 3 you can tell are related to performance that the 4 clears up. You can also run Naomi (Dreamcast) and Atomiswave (basically a Naomi) pretty flawlessly with Flycast on it if you overclock it (Redream doesn't do Naomi games, which is what you want if you are doing arcade). Just get a good cooler, which in a cabinet size isn't really an issue so I went with a good sized one. I really don't have a desire to go past Naomi, because the newer arcade stuff is after when arcades were really a thing.

Spend the extra $10 and get a RPi 4 2GB over a 3B+, even in Beta state it handily beats the 3B+.

I’m definitely picking up a 4 eventually. I don’t really have the time to tinker with it and I’m in no rush, so by the time I can get one it’ll be greatly improved on the software side. I’ve heard nothing but great things. I’d love to not have a pc in the one cabinet and only use a pi in each. Some day.

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Yesterday, 11:13 PM

So it seems PI 4 is the way to go.. but what are your thoughts on it regarding these clearance pi kits @Target, its a Pi 3 B+ for $40...

Or still go PI 4 ya think?

I’d look up what games they can play. I have an old bar top from years ago running a pi 2b (I think) and then a newer Arcade1up conversion running a 3b+. I don’t have a 4, yet.

The 3 can run most arcade games that I’d want to throw at it, like up to nba jam. For newer 3d arcade games you might jus twang to go with a cheap pc build. I’ve heard some great things about the pi 4, especially with Dreamcast, but I try keeping my builds arcade only.



pi 3 is currently only running vertical only games, but otherwise ran neo geo and nba jam and such great

Pc build (a cheap ryzen build) runs golden tee (up to 2005), the nba jams, nfl blitz, the awesome nba run n gun games, sega naomi games and sega model 2 and 3 games. Daaaaaytooooonaaaaaaaa (it’s dumb without a wheel but it runs great).

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Yesterday, 09:40 PM

In my upstairs setup, where I want a 4k bluray player, the ps5 will fit on its side. The Xbox Series X will not fit.

Who’d have thought!