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#13835837 Humble Bundle: Rise of the Tomb Raider $12

Posted by IAmTheCheapestFox on 20 September 2017 - 07:08 PM

Death Road to Canada is pretty fun, I just don't know how much replayability it has.  I mean, I guess it has infinite since it is procedurally generated, but you know what I mean.  I still haven't gotten over the heartache of getting my pet beaver killed the first time I played it. 

#13835826 Humble Bundle: Rise of the Tomb Raider $12

Posted by Souffrir on 20 September 2017 - 07:00 PM

Well, at least we can learn to use crystals to heal our disappointment from the last several bundles, now.

Humble Books Bundle Treat Yourself

#13835390 Humble Bundle: Rise of the Tomb Raider $12

Posted by agentghost on 20 September 2017 - 04:13 AM

$1 tier is good.  Death Road to Canada looks neat but not $10 neat considering I don't want anything in the BTA tier or that Beat Cop game.


Actually Beat Cop looks pretty cool... not sure if it's $5 cool, though.  Problem is, already having MoreDerp and the other BTA games look crappy.

you just moobied yourself out of this bundle again, haven't u?

#13835229 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by MysterD on 19 September 2017 - 11:49 PM

Go play ME:A, dude


#13833677 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by MysterD on 17 September 2017 - 05:15 PM

Been playing some Dead Rising 1 PC today. I'm having a lot of fun here - just running around this big mall; picking up pretty much "anything & everything"; and just beating the hell out of zombies with "anything & everything" (i.e. knives, potted plants, lawn mowers, broomsticks, chairs, benches, etc etc).


Sure, I'm doing side-quests & main quests too, as I'm under the gun of the infamous DR time-limit - but you're here to pulverize zombies.


Fun stuff.

#13831506 Humble Bundle: Rise of the Tomb Raider $12

Posted by Syntax Error on 14 September 2017 - 02:14 PM

lol $80 tier

#13832591 Bundle Stars Thread

Posted by The End on 15 September 2017 - 08:38 PM

Thanks again to Evful & Trumpcat for saving me the shame of having an incomplete dollar monster bundle.

#13827606 Groupees: [NEW] Build a Greenlight Bundle 33 + Oktoberfest + MiniBundle 7

Posted by DD83 on 08 September 2017 - 02:06 AM

Here we go again: https://groupees.com/tax3


6 games + 2 albums + 1 other $0.67 minimum preorder



#13830174 Humble Bundle: Rise of the Tomb Raider $12

Posted by Foxhack on 12 September 2017 - 06:02 PM

Humble Capcom X Sega X Atlus Bundle


Pay $1 or more!

  • Rollers of the Realm
  • Zeno Clash 2
  • Sonic Adventure 2
  • Bionic Commando
  • Citizens of Earth


  • Renegade Ops Collection
  • Sonic Generations Collection
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

$12 or more:

  • Motorsport Manager
  • Devil May Cry® 4: Special Edition


This bundle has no second week bonuses. Humble Hunie Sakura did not get any second week bonuses either.


Edit: The only thing I need outta that bundle is Dead Rising 1. :(

#13830181 Humble Bundle: Rise of the Tomb Raider $12

Posted by rcsample on 12 September 2017 - 06:05 PM

Lots of repeats in the BTA level.  And Dead Rising for those that were bummed it wasn't in that bundle a few months ago.


Is Rollers of the Realm worth the $1?

I wasn't bummed because I bought it those few months ago......Your welcome for the sacrifice and THANKS MOOBY, I BLAME U!!!!!!!

#13824673 Bundle Stars Thread

Posted by DD83 on 04 September 2017 - 05:19 PM



When did WWE start doing matches in the wild like this?

#13824664 Bundle Stars Thread

Posted by Rusty Dakota on 04 September 2017 - 05:11 PM

But, yes, for $4 it's a no-brainer purchase.

That is my exact brainer level.  Bought.

#13829007 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by Treybot on 10 September 2017 - 06:27 PM

If you bought a 1080 Ti, you can afford to pay retail for Destiny 2, Warbucks!

Spent my life savings. 

#13824643 Bundle Stars Thread

Posted by Syntax Error on 04 September 2017 - 04:54 PM

I had fun with Mad Max all the way through except for that horrible racing sequence.  Liked the combat much more than Shadow of Mordor since MM let me concentrate on a couple mooks at a time with nice crunchy punches and tackles whereas SoM always turned into some ridiculous 9,000 orc slog.  Mad Max ain't a perfect game (boss fights are repetitive for instance) but it's fun and absolutely for $4 if you somehow don't own it yet.

#13824603 Bundle Stars Thread

Posted by Blade on 04 September 2017 - 04:13 PM

Agreed  @  the  underlined  and  bolded  stuff.


I really liked the mix of Batman Arkham style of combat (even though that is kind of beat-to-death by now) and especially the vehicular combat.


Plus, that Mad Max game runs like a dream on both my 4GB 960m laptop and my desktop PC with GTX 970. It just both runs & looks great.


Agreed @ the underlined, bolded, red text that I converted into fullwidth font for additional emphasis.