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H: iPhone 4 NBA 2k13 W: Paypal, Broken Consoles

06 March 2013 - 03:42 PM

- Verizon iPhone 4 16gb - Great shape. It has been in a case its entire life. I can provide pictures. $200

- NBA 2k13 (360) - This game is basically new. I've not had much desire to play it, and haven't been following the NBA too closely this season. $30

- Paypal
- Computers or parts
- Broken 360 consoles (I will buy them from you)
- Wii remotes
- Music gear
- Your offers

I do a lot of ebay stuff, and selling on other market places around the internet. I know my feedback on here is low, but I have done over 1,000 transactions online, to anyone who may be weary.

Wii Remotes

24 February 2013 - 11:50 PM

So, I'm trying to find myself another Wii Remote, at a very low price. This is becoming one of the harder objects to find a deal on. I've looked online, and seen a few cheap ones. I feel that those are the knock offs made by some kid in China. Nintendo basically made the Wii Remote a Wii U controller, so they're still $40. I've even found some of the Wii remotes in the old non Wii U packaging, and those still rung up for $40.

$40 is simply too much for a controller, especially with the console at a much lower price. The only deals I've found so far was the Flingsmash bundle at $30. I still do not want to pay $30 for one.

Anyone know of any deals out there?

Have: iPhone 4 Want: Your best offer

13 February 2013 - 07:57 PM

Hey guys, I got a Verizon iPhone 4 16gb. It's in great shape. I recently got a new phone, so I had no use for this phone. It's basically just sitting around for me right now. I figured somebody on here would like to have one, and would most likely have something that I would want.

Anyways, it has been in a case it's whole life. It's been very well protected. It's never been dropped. I am one of those people who really take care of things.

I'd like any offers I could get. There isn't really anything I am looking for at this time, but the right offer may catch my eye. I'm selling it on here, because as I said, one of you all are bound to have something that I would want. I could get cash for it easily though.

Don't be afraid to offer me. The worst I can say is no, or hit you back with a counter offer.

Wants: New toys. Systems. Game lots. Music gear.

I can also add images for anyone who would want them. I do understand being skeptical about purchasing a phone off a random guy on a forum.

Wanted Official GameCube Controller and Wii Remote Have: Paypal

09 February 2013 - 03:57 AM

Just as the title says. Sell me your unwanted items cheap.

W: Xbox 360 HDD

27 November 2012 - 07:27 PM

The old ones. Anything that isn't 20 GB. Not looking to pay a lot.

I have Paypal.

PM me for faster response. My eBay rating is above 30, and my etsy account is 100% positive feedback for anyone who has fear in dealing with me.