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Blog MrshllJcb > Games I've Played This Year- March 2014

Posted 01 April 2014

Thief :pc:
I came into this game with pretty high expectations. Everything I had seen prior to release was promising and I really enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution (same developer, and also a stealth type game) so I was anticipating enjoying my playthough.

As it turns out, straight up stealth games aren't for me. I'm not very good at being sneaky, and...

Blog MrshllJcb > Games I've Played This Year- February 2014

Posted 01 March 2014

So the month of February was a little bit slower for me in terms of beating games. I was on call for 2 or the weekends in the month and the Titanfall beta also owned my life for a few days. I did manage to beat two games during the month though and here they are.

Dead Rising 3:
This game had probably been the game I was most looking forward to at the l...

Blog MrshllJcb > Games I've played this year: January 2014

Posted 04 February 2014

Im starting this blog to chronicle the games that I complete during this year. I may not have too much of an entry every month, but I should have at least one game to speak about. During the month of January I completed* four games, New Super Mario Bros (3DS), The Banner Saga (PC), Gone Home (PC), and Halo: Spartan Assault (X1).

New Super Mario Brother...

Blog MrshllJcb > My Barber's in jail, got another crappy haircut today.

Posted 02 July 2013

I've been going to the same barber for about 12 or so years now, and this guy isnt just my barber, he's been a good friend my entire life (my friend since birth's older brother) so he basically learned how to cut hair on my head while he was in barber school, so he had my haircut down to a science.

I'm not sure if there is a pill epidemic in every area r...

Blog MrshllJcb > Job update, life as a whole

Posted 22 June 2013

In the past I've written a few other blogs about changing career path's and my transition to a new job. I began working as a HVAC service technician in March and have been with the company full time since. Things started a bit slow, and initially I was training and working about 40 hours total, as it was the end of the heating season when I began and th...