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Blog Lugi > The Environment Problem

Posted 29 April 2011

I want to bring that point up about the Environment Crisis/ What are we supposed to do? So far everything that I have been told is how we are going to have this "doom day" that will approach. As well, we are told that if we do not act now - we will all die!

Reasonable, but what am I as a single person supposed to do?

Vote - In the end both parties will...

Blog Lugi > Beyond Good and Evil Praise/Rant

Posted 25 March 2011

So I just got done beating Beyond Good and Evil HD. I really enjoyed the game. I thought it was super creative and everything they brought to the table was excellent. The flight/boat controls were spot on. I loved using the camera on the account of it was reminiscent of Pokemon Snap which made it nostalgic. As well, the entire time I thought I was playing...