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Blog sp00ge > A little over a year later...

Posted 30 November 2012

... and a small update. No, we aren't married yet.

After a long search, I came across a hobby photographer that happened to be at the DKM show when I proposed to Sam on-stage. He provided me with HUNDREDS of photos from the show, including many of us, one of which I had already shared on here.


I decided to have a large print made of that s...

Blog sp00ge > Just to curb any rumors...

Posted 19 April 2012

I know many people won't give a damn, or even notice, but I just wanted to say that I am stepping down from moderating.

With the recent birth of my newest daughter, running a small business and simply being a grown-up, I simply do not have the time to do this anymore. In pure honesty, I can say with confidence that I have invested more time and effort i...

Blog sp00ge > And my newest arrival!

Posted 25 March 2012

Well, it's been a long nine months, (not so much for me) and the newest addition to the family is here!

Franki Abigail was born at 12:35p on 3/22/2012, weighing 6lbs15oz and measuring 19".

She was a breach baby, so a c-section had been originally scheduled or March 30th. My fiance was having some major issue with back spasms, so they bumped it up t...

Blog sp00ge > I <3 Leap Year!

Posted 01 March 2012

Well, between Amazon, Craigslist and thrift stores in general, it has been quite a week thus far.

Last week, I decided that a second PS3 was unnecessary, so I threw it up on Craigslist. It was a phat 80GB BC model. I was asking $200 for it, and got nothing but $100 offers, which I laughed at. After a few days of these lowballs, I decided to just throw...

Blog sp00ge > It's Mouse Hunt up in here, and I'm Nathan Lane!

Posted 11 January 2012

Winter has fallen upon us, and with the dropping temperatures, nature's little scroungers decide that instead of dealing with it, why not just move into the big, warm house.

About a month ago, I realized we had such a visitor. One morning, I went into the kitchen and on one of the dirty dishes in the sink, was enough mouse crap to fertilize a small pott...