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BB RZ - Bonus 500 points - Stuff you should know about

23 October 2010 - 07:28 AM

When Halo Reach became available for pre-order, I did so and paid with a Reward Certificate and BB GC. I had an idea that I wouldn't receive the regular purchase points but would receive the Gamers Club promo. My whole in-store pick-up experience was a mess and long story short. I went to check on my points today and have not received the 500 points - not surprised as I am not impressed by BB anymore.

Take a look at the restrictions for the new Assassins Creed here:


Limit 3 games per offer, maximum 1500 bonus points. Not good in combination with any other promotions. Reward Zone® program members cannot earn bonus points in combination with other promotional points offers. Bonus points (as defined in the applicable rules) will not be multiplied. Members earn these bonus points in addition to points earned as part of the standard Reward Zone program. Points are not awarded on purchases paid by Best Buy gift card(s) or reward certificate(s). Points are not awarded for instant and mail-in rebates; promotional gift card offers; Best Buy gift card redemptions; sales tax, state fees, shipping charges, delivery charges and restocking fees; prior purchases; Outlet Center items; special order, clearance, demo and open-box items. Valid at BestBuy.com and Best Buy stores in the U.S.A.; excludes stores in Puerto Rico. Best Buy employees are not eligible for this promotion. Games must be pre-ordered by 11/15/10, and purchased between 11/16/10 and 11/20/10.

and general terms here:


I could've sworn those were not restrictions before - but as they now state, they can change the rules anytime they want.

I'm soo sad that I wrote them an email:

"Hello. I am writing to RewardZone customer service because I've been having problems with this entire purchase and my Best Buy experience. My Order No./Customer PIN is 123456789. I went online at RewardZone's website to discover that I have not yet been awarded the 500 points by pre-ordering the video game, Halo Reach, as promoted and advertised on Best Buy/GamerZone. Tonight is the first time that I've seen restrictions in receiving the bonus points, for example - maximum 1500 points, restrictions on how the purchase was made especially in regards to Reward Certificates and Best Buy gift cards being used as payment. It is saddening that these restrictions go unnoticed by an excited and willing customer, especially when Best Buy can change their mind on the policies anytime just as your policy now states. I know that these restrictions did not exist prior to my purchase, and a previous phone call to customer service on my sad Best Buy experience confirmed that I'd still receive my 500 points - but now, your policy changed, again. If these restrictions are a result of patrons who exploit the program, I feel that Best Buy is treating me unfairly, as I am not one of those customers. In fact, no matter how many bad experiences that I've had with Best Buy customer service and the failed and un-speedy in-store pick-up, I've stood my ground as a Best Buy customer. I am ever increasing becoming a non-customer, especially with issues like this. It is sad that Best Buy has chased all of the smaller electronics and video game stores out of my neighborhood, because now, I have no alternative.

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I hope this helps to prevent any future heartbreak to any of my CAGamers.