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In Topic: CAGcast #488: Unready for Launch

26 February 2017 - 01:11 AM

Cheapy, I love you man but sometimes you are the most predictable person on this podcast. If there is a humblebrag opportunity to be taken, you'll take it every time. It's pretty cheesy. Want to know how to get Cheapy to talk about your comment/criticism on the show? Just tell him he's too rich, spends too much money, too much of an elitist, etc. You're guaranteed to get a response to that question which will consist mainly of him savoring those charges and refuting very little of it, while Wombat further strokes his ego by just saying "that's true" as if that's not exactly what Cheapy wants to hear.

As I've mentioned previously here, we bought a PSVR at launch and there's no doubt that it's an attention grabber when hosting others to your house and does make some people envious, especially our kids' friends. After all it really is just a very expensive toy. If you want to know in a nutshell why he bought the PSVR, that's most likely it right there. Remember, he mentioned the neighbor that was surprised a while back that he didn't already have VR so PSVR was likely purchased to fill in that gap.

If you're going to send him criticism full of 1% insults, just understand you really aren't insulting him at all. His name may be "Cheapy" but he's determined to make sure everyone listening to him knows that he's upper crust...lol.

Love you Cheapy!

Love you man, so I hate to shove your theory back up your butt, but here it goes. After the show I looked up what 1% actually means, and I'm not part of that club.

Also, I mentioned on the show I bought PSVR due to listener demand. What kind of asshole would buy something to impress people? Probably the same kind that would come up with that theory.
Love you man

Edit: also, how could you "love" someone who you thought behaved that way? That's the very definition of an asshole and someone I would not associate myself with. Oh well, this is why I don't usually read the comments.

In Topic: CAGcast #487: JewDieWhy?

24 February 2017 - 01:46 AM

CheapyD is a part of the 1%. That is why he defends PewDiePie and why he tosses money at things he doesn't use. Money nor the object that come from it mean anything to him. It is about status and celebrity. Must be nice to spend $500 to talk about something for one week and then never again because it is too much hassle to hook it up again. One day the maid will figure out how to hook it up and we will get content once again.

Congratulations on one of the most idiotic comments every posted to show feedback.  You are the 1%!

In Topic: CAGcast #487: JewDieWhy?

16 February 2017 - 07:29 PM

While I'm sure they made a great living, Swedish executives likely don't receive the ridiculous compensation package that execs receive in the USA.  Also, there is a big difference growing up in a well to do family, and growing up a (self-made) star in the public eye.

In Topic: Halo Wars 2 giveaway - NYC Area Only

16 February 2017 - 07:26 PM

Update: I won.

In Topic: CAGcast #485: A Quintessential CAGcast

04 February 2017 - 01:12 PM

Any CAGcast listeners who want to try out a free week of Hello Fresh (and let us know how it goes), just shoot me a PM or email at cheapyd/gmail. Quantity limited!