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#7645379 The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

Posted by depascal22 on 17 November 2010 - 09:10 PM

They put him in power, so when Hussein went Pali... er, rogue, the Bushes were probably personally insulted.

It can be argued that James Colby and Richard Helms had more to do with Hussein's ascent to power but it can't be argued that Saddam got most of his money, arms, and supplies while Sr. was Director of Central Intelligence and Vice President.

The Bushes were genuinely pissed when Saddam invaded Kuwait and even more so when the reported assassination attempt of Sr. happened. GW was going to invade Iraq no matter what happened.

Translation for tivo: Rich white men hate uppity middle eastern dictators that bite the hand that feeds them.