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Blog kinney_bmx > Game System Decisions

Posted 13 April 2011

Lately I've found myself struggling to decide on which system to buy a videogame on. Now a year ago I wouldn't have had any problem at all. I only had a PS3, and my computer wasn't really fast enough to play big titles.

But now that I have added a capable computer and a 360 to my collection I find myself struggling.

The most recent examples have been Po...

Blog kinney_bmx > Killzone 3 First Impressions

Posted 23 February 2011

I got my copy today from Amazon when I got home from class, unfortunately I have class at 2:30 and UPS delivered around 2:00 so I had to wait til I got home

Starting up the game was quick and easy, and I set it to normal as I always do the first time I play a game.

After playing through the first two missions I'm very impressed. The movement is very flu...

Blog kinney_bmx > Just Shut Up Already...

Posted 12 February 2011

Its always been apparent to me but lately its been really getting on my nerves as of late. I was reminded of this while surfing another forum I visit.

What is the problem you ask? PC gamers. No, not all of them as most of them are cool normal guys who enjoy playing with a mouse and keyboard and enjoy building their rig. I have no problem with the majori...

Blog kinney_bmx > 5 Things I'm Thankful For (VideoGames) Part 2: Elements

Posted 11 February 2011

This one was actually quite hard to create compared to part 1. There are so many different gameplay elements that are small that make such a big difference and there are many elements that not everybody would know about so bear with me.

1. Open World/Free Roam
Grand Theft Auto has spoiled me. I absolutely love having the ability to just roam. Some games...

Blog kinney_bmx > 5 Things I'm Thankful For (VideoGames) Part 1: Games

Posted 10 February 2011

1. Metal Gear Solid (Series)
This is a no-brainer. I rarely get really involved with a game but every single MGS games pulls me in extremely deep. Each game has been at a graphical standpoint just amazing and the overall story is great. Kojima is an absolute genius and has created IMO the best videogame series to come out to this date, and I've beat both...