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Yesterday, 06:27 AM

Just Dance 2016 is a good flip to GS, especially the XB360 version.

Good catch. Thanks. Might upgrade my sister's copy since i've got a Xbone Kinect now.

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17 January 2017 - 08:16 AM

Why'd the thread get nuked?



anyone that played both the sunset overdrive add ons recommend one over the other? not really looking to buy both

Just buy the Season Pass when it's half-off ($10 dollarydoos). If you have to buy one or the other right this second, I liked Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines better than Mooli Rig.


Fired up Killer Instinct for the first time in a while thanks to the GWG content and I'm having a blast with this Shadow Lords mode. As a single player/campaign gamer this is one of the best modes for that I've seen in a fighting game.

Shadow Lords is great. Can't recommend it enough.


Admittedly, I'm a bit burnt out on it at this point, but I unlocked a good amount of the content so far. Getting all the Mimic skins and especially getting everyone's dossiers is a real grind though. Nothing compared to unlocking Shadow skins though, don't even bother.


If any of you play some of the Free to Play games Microsoft has just sent out this new Rewards offer.



They've been doing this promo for a couple of months, but I might actually bother with it this month because of the DC Universe Online promo.


Once again Telltale's pricing disappoints me. The bundle with S1, S2, Michonne and 7 Days to Die (and all its DLC) was only $3 or so more during the holiday sale. This is a rip. 


Back to the Future isn't a rip, but it really should be at that $5 sweetspot by now.


How about Walking Dead Season 2? Oh hell It's probably gonna be GWG soon anyways to push for Season 3/new frontier.

Probably. All I know is it better, after that Playstation-exclusive offer we got fucked out of.


Not the biggest fan of Jurassic Park, would I still enjoy the game?


I love me some TellTale games...

I liked it and I spent a bit more on it for a disc version back before it was sold digitally.


Can't go wrong for $5 + it already being BC. I'd be surprised if it went GWG, though it's possible.

UK version of GTA 4 is .70 on amazon, with free shipping.

Alas, it's not region free.




I would still say this is worth buying in case GTA IV ever comes to BC, since Xbone is region-free and would be able to read/play the disc.


I'd buy it if I didn't already have GTA IV Complete on disc, and the base game digitally.

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15 January 2017 - 01:04 AM

Any idea when Battlefield 1 might be added?

End of this year at the earliest.



Is the Gears Cards site running like shit for anyone else? Turns out I had a few free packs even though I haven't played the game since the Beta/don't even own the game, and now I'm trying to upgrade my Horde cards and the site is just a disaster.

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15 January 2017 - 01:00 AM

They've let me return preowned games purchased online up to the 30 day limit at least twice in my experience. YMMV I guess.

Fingers crossed. I don't want to be stuck with 2 copies of Capcom Digital Collection.


Thanks for the heads up guys.  I stopped by BB on my way home and grabbed an AC Syndicate, traded it in for a profit and got a free shirt to give a relative out of the deal.  Might do another round tomorrow.

Just did the same, thanks to blackbeard and everyone else for posting about the promos/trade bump. Got my bro a free $20 Dishonoured 2 shirt which'll make the perfect going back to college present for him. :bouncy:

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14 January 2017 - 10:56 PM

I bought a pre-owned game from GameStop.com.


Someone in here said the return policy is actually 30 days, but all I'm on seeing on the website is 7. Am I boned?