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In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Today, 03:42 AM

Congrats indie developers, you finally made a game better at ruining friendships than Mario Party. :bouncy:

In Topic: [Deal Expired] Save $25 On Any IndieBox Subscription

Today, 01:27 AM

There's a few Norse/Viking themed games on Steam, but I really hope it's Jotun. I don't have it, I think a lot of people here don't have it either, and it's actually a very good game. It would make sense too, the game's been out a full year as of tomorrow, and the developers just announced their new game 2 days ago.


I guess it could be The Banner Saga, which is good and all, but I have it already. I don't have the sequel on Steam, so that'd be nice as well, but much more unlikely.


Fingers crossed for Jotun then. Thank god it's probably not anything pretentious.


All of the games we send out for our subscription service are Win/Mac/Linux  :D

Thank you for the quick reply. My friend is happy to hear that.


I personally cant believe so many people are complaining and bitching about how it could be a shitty game or a game they already have....its 4 bucks people...4 bucks....if its something you end up not likeing then cancel after this month but the fact that people are whining about something,of which isnt even out yet, that costs a whole 4 dollars is quite ridiculous.

I think most of us Steam thread regulars were expecting something we probably own already, but it only being $4 takes a lot of the sting out of that, especially if the physical goodies are cool (I know we're probably not getting a SNES USB controller, but that'd be fantastic). My only complaint would be if it was a game I really disliked to begin with. Like the aforementioned Dear Esther.

In Topic: Humble Megathread - Deep Silver - Capcom - Comics & Manga

Yesterday, 01:05 PM

I know, right? I'll just celebrate when I die instead, like everybody else will be doing. 

I see you're channeling your inner MysterD this morning. :bouncy:

In Topic: $30 Toward Gears of War 4 with Trade In (Best buy)

Yesterday, 11:08 AM

Wait, so you don't even need to buy the game to get the mug & coaster? Just put $5 down?

In Topic: Best Buy - Controller Offer $10 off / Xbox Live Offer $10 Off - Coupon

Yesterday, 06:13 AM

I have no idea why anyone would buy 3 months for $15 (it's regularly $25) unless they were desperate. It comes out to $60/year which is MSRP.