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#11081360 TRU Select Games 2 for $20 PS3/360

Posted by PetersHere on 23 September 2013 - 12:56 PM

Man, that's a really bad selection of games.




What are you people seeing? Everything that's even worth acknowledging has either been $10 or less already. Hell, RE6 is $10 on Newegg now, and The Darkness 2 is $7.50 on Newegg right now. This sale blows... Their prices are so outdated. On sale practically everything on this list is below $10. Dead Island GOTY was just like $8.

#11068416 DEAD / Newegg Gaming Week sale

Posted by PetersHere on 17 September 2013 - 07:24 PM

Nintendo has at least a half-dozen new franchises every year, if not more.

Nintendo isn't the only company that milks old franchises. How many new franchises does EA or Activation have every year, by comparison?


Their "new" franchises bring nothing new to the table. No new gaming mechanics, no new and interesting stories etc. Hell, even the character designs all look exactly the same. Nintendo's main selling point is still, after all this time, their oldest franchises. It's not just about new franchises, like I said, it's about innovation. They do not innovate. However, the bulk of their crap comes from Japanese developers, and Japanese developers are the laziest, least innovative around. Why try something new when you can put out Mario or Zelda, or a clone of one of the two and cash in on the ignorant masses of consumers out there? I'm sorry, but I have higher expectations, and I like when developers push the limits a bit. That doesn't happen on a Nintendo console. 

#11068368 DEAD / Newegg Gaming Week sale

Posted by PetersHere on 17 September 2013 - 07:11 PM

I'm a little confused, what does innovation have to do with anything? PS3 and Xbox 360 games aren't exactly innovations over PS2 and Xbox games, why are Nintendo's consoles and software under more scrutiny in your eyes?


There are loads of great new franchises along with countless improvements in gaming mechanics for games on the 360, PS3, and PC, while Nintendo continues to push their same old franchises for the thirtieth time, while pushing out a new crap JRPGs that plays exactly like that last one released. I'm not the first to say it, and I won't be the last, because that's the reality of the situation. Nintendo is stuck in the '90s.

#11065879 Rainbow 6 Vegas FREE on Xbox Live (9/16-9/30)

Posted by PetersHere on 16 September 2013 - 11:18 PM

Oh gee, saving hundreds of dollars a year for what I get sure does make me angry that I can't keep them even though I will be paying for PS+ every year because it's an amazing service

Incorrect. This is Microsoft trying to compete with PS+, which by the way is going horribly and making me (and probably many many others) not reconsider my PS4 pre order






Oh man how dare I voice my opinion that Microsoft is doing a horrible job compared to their competitor. Shall I kiss Steve Balmer's feet to apologize because obviously you don't think people deserve to publicly voice their opinions and choices?


Something tells me you've never worked a day in your life, what with your immense self-entitlement issues. 


"Give me more, give me more! I deserve everything free!"


Tell me, where in the TOS does it state you'll receive free games as a part of your Live service? Nowhere? Hmm... The irony is, had they never offered you any free video games to begin with, you wouldn't be whining at all. Now that they offer up a few, suddenly you deserve everything. Grow up. If someone gives you a gift, shut your mouth and take it.  

#11065738 Rainbow 6 Vegas FREE on Xbox Live (9/16-9/30)

Posted by PetersHere on 16 September 2013 - 10:25 PM

Compare what PS+ is getting compared to this. Consider that PS+ is $10 cheaper per year too


You also don't get to keep anything you get with PS+. Either way, the fact is no one deserves a damn thing. This isn't a part of the paid service, this is a bonus. Take it or leave it. No one has any right to bitch about it though, like some self-entitled child. That's about as pathetic as going to the grocery store and complaining that the free samples aren't entire unopened products. 

#11062162 GBA Texas Hold 'em/ Golden Nugget Dual Pack $1.99 W/Prime (Dead)

Posted by PetersHere on 15 September 2013 - 03:36 AM

Well, if nothing else it's a good filler item to get to $25. Beats a PVC fitting or whatever other cheap filler crap they have...

#11057646 Best Buy Sale (Wii U Splinter Cell Blacklist - $49.99, Ni No Kuni, Crysi...

Posted by PetersHere on 13 September 2013 - 05:35 AM

What's illegal? They're not counterfeit, they're novelty $100 bills with famous faces on them like the president, Al Bundy, Rowdy Duck, Fred Flintstone, etc.


I think he was talking about the gravy boats. 

#11054629 Groupees: [NEW] Build a Greenlight Bundle 33 + Oktoberfest + MiniBundle 7

Posted by PetersHere on 12 September 2013 - 05:13 AM

Nice, they put the games I don't have in the $1 section, and the ones I do in the $5 section. 

#11046413 Steam/Origin/Desura etc Trade/Sell/Buy Thread

Posted by PetersHere on 09 September 2013 - 02:53 PM

fenetic just reminded me why I stopped coming to this thread for so long. He must be trying to chase me to the Steam store with those prices!  :rofl:

#11041935 Nabisco Back to School Instant Win Game: Mini Tablet A Day Giveaway

Posted by PetersHere on 07 September 2013 - 05:12 AM

I'll try it for a few days maybe, but there really isn't much point. I know for a fact I won't win, so spending time entering these things turns into wasted time. 

#11031316 PS3/Xbox 360 Games: MoH: Warfighter LE $5.99 / Madden NFL 13 $9.99...

Posted by PetersHere on 02 September 2013 - 08:19 AM

To bad Soooo many people do this.... A game must suck cause cod owns all or bf3 rest is trash. Most peoples dumb input even they admit they never played or played 5-15 mins and rage quit other games. It is the norm now pretty sad. wooot i like double rainbows!


Umm... The new "MoH" games suck, because, well, they suck. I own the first one, and you guessed it, I think it sucks. I was willing to invest $6 in a uDraw, but I'm not for this. I think that puts things into perspective a bit. MoH used to be good. Now it's re-hashed junk that exists solely to grab money from the people you're both insulting. It serves no purpose. There's no originality or creativity to be found. The controls aren't smooth like COD, and they're not pushing any limits like BF. It's nothing but a simplified mimicry of the two that was made to appeal to the fans of those games, and it failed. You may not like those games, but they're popular because they do what they do well. This game, being what it is, does what they do very poorly. 

#11020382 uDraw Gametablet w/uDraw Studio: Instant Artist only $6 shipped at neweg...

Posted by PetersHere on 28 August 2013 - 09:06 PM



PS3 only!


You can either use shoprunner, or eggsaver, and the shipping is free. They had this paired with a CPU I was looking at, and I noticed the price and decided to grab one. I've never seen it this cheap, especially shipped. They must be trying to get rid of them. For the price, even though it's not the greatest thing ever, it's worth picking one up. That is, if there's a game on it you'd like to try, which in my case, there is (Marvel Super Hero Squad)! Grab one before the ass-hat resellers grab them! 

#10856930 Steam/Origin/Desura etc Trade/Sell/Buy Thread

Posted by PetersHere on 25 June 2013 - 01:01 PM





#10854132 Steam/Origin/Desura etc Trade/Sell/Buy Thread

Posted by PetersHere on 24 June 2013 - 01:51 AM