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In Topic: Target B2G1 Wii U Games [6/22-6/28]

23 June 2014 - 06:07 AM

i wouldn't do it, looking to trade 4x MK8s into best buy is risky.  trading online is just asking for too much trouble, shipping damage GC problems bad processing not to mention them banning you from trading for doing 5x copies of a game - the max is supposed to be 3 per platform-title as you prob know, if the trade in guy handling online decides to play detective you could get screwed.


there is definitely a market for the codes but as the window shrinks (must redeem by july 31st) it will drop in value.  is it really worth all that effort to save like... $40?  you could probably buy an extra copy or two of MK8 cn or redeemed codes for $10-20 on trade forums or ebay.


also imo its never worth "hoarding" console games, especially digital.  Whats the point in having 10 Wii U games right NOW, its better to play a few, trade em off, and buy new ones.  There will always, always, always be a bigger and better deal down the road. My steam library is 300+ unplayed games, and honestly I'll probably never play 99% of them but at least they don't take up any room.  I don't hoard console games, play em and trade em and pass on any game I am not gonna play now, its gonna be cheaper down the road always.  I only got 3 MK8 copies during the target $15 promo, because I doubt i'd play Wii party more than 5 minutes, just like I don't bother picking up all the crappy $5-10 Wii/Wii U games.  When I game, I only want to play the very best :)

I completed an online trade without any issues for:


9x COD: Ghosts (PS3)

3x COD: Ghosts (X360)

3x MLB 14 (Vita)


All on the same order. The quantity allowed is up to 10 online, not 3. They allow more because they test each game out before giving you the giftcard. Use common sense when shipping. I doubt some guy is going to care whether or not you turn in 3 or 10 of the same game. He probably tests hundred each day...

In Topic: Best Buy save 10% on a single item Movers Coupon in the Change your address e...

23 June 2014 - 05:56 AM

Damn! I just bought my PS4 this past weekend. I had a bunch of gift cards that I saved from Viggle last year but I would've loved to have sliced off another $40.

15 day return policy... talk to a manager and explain the situation; it's a hassle to you to bring it back and rebuy. If it comes to it, return it and rebuy. It would be worth the $40.

In Topic: Best Buy save 10% on a single item Movers Coupon in the Change your address e...

23 June 2014 - 05:54 AM

anyone tried using the 10% coupon with price matching target's Wii U? wondering if that works

I tried to, but no go. Policy states PM not valid with coupon offers. YMMV


If you have to choose, the 10% off is a better deal.

In Topic: Target B2G1 Wii U Games [6/22-6/28]

23 June 2014 - 05:49 AM

I previously bought 2 copies of MK8 during the $15 off sale 2 weeks ago. I redeemed both nintendo club codes and traded in 1 game to best buy. Based on this week's Target deal, I am looking at 2 options:


1. Buy 1 x MK8, 1x Donkey Kong and 1x SM3DW.  Redeem nintendo club code and trade in 1 MK8 to best buy.

2. First buy 3x MK8.  Then go back to target a second time and buy 1x MK8, 1x DK and 1x SM3DW.  Then redeem 2 codes and resell 2 codes.  Then trade in 4x MK 8 to best buy (2 physical and 2 online).


Option 2 would save me money and net me an extra game, but I am worried about

a) trying to price match 3 of a single game at target (never tried before)

b) the online best buy trade in (have read a couple horror stories about lowball offers and non-working gift cards)

c) if there is a market for these club nintendo codes (either in the forum or ebay)


If anyone has any insights/experience about points a, b, or c above, I would be grateful.  Option 2 is potentially lucrative, but I don't want to spend extra money and be left holding the bag, so to speak, on 3 extra MK8 games.


a) Per Target Price Match Policy: Limit of one competitor online price match per identical item per guest.

b) Never had a problem with trading online. They send a email with the gift card UPC to print out. Takes about a week though.

c) Might have to do a little research on that one... see which game people are more likely to buy.

In Topic: Kmart - $10 off $30+ Exp. 6/23/14

23 June 2014 - 05:22 AM

I think you aren't able to because it shows it as being on sale. Tried to pick up Wind Waker HD but I wasn't able to :l

That's odd.


I went to K-Mart earlier today. I picked up Wolfenstein for $0 out of pocket. $39.99 (sale) - $10 (off $30) coupon - SWY points.