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Blog-o-tron > 10 games I played this year and I'm glad I did

Posted 23 December 2014

1. Portal 2 (PS3)
Although it's my second (third?) time playing it, it's still one of my favorite games of all time. Clever, funny, simple but fantastic co-op, an amazing finale - it does everything completely right. Valve on the other hand - STOP Fuck ING UP YOUR CO-OP SERVERS FOR PS3. You're making everyone nuts!

2. The Evil Within (PS4)
This ga...

Blog-o-tron > Moving to California from the Midwest - how in the world does anyone do this?

Posted 21 May 2014

This week I've been suddenly propositioned for job interviews by a company in Mountain View, CA. I live in the midwest. Mathematically I can't make sense of how anyone makes that kind of transition.

Here in the KC area, you can get a really nice house for $200-$300k. There's a lot of suburbia so everything is convenient and fairly well kept. I am overpai...

Blog-o-tron > Maybe Meet a New Band - Crash of Rhinos

Posted 24 February 2014

I like music. A lot. I've been playing various instruments in various scenarios for nearly 25 years. I spent the latter days of my high school years as well as a generous part of my adult life playing in indie/emo bands in KC. There were spans in my life where I'd go to 3 to 4 shows a week. Some days I miss it a lot (like today) - but I'm grateful that so...

Blog-o-tron > Why doesn't anyone care what I'm playing this weekend?

Posted 22 November 2013

It's lunchtime and no one has asked me yet! Hopefully someone will take care of this grievous oversight soon. I started thinking it wasn't Friday and that I still had more days of work to battle through this week and I was despondent.

Tearaway and all things PS4 is the answer. That's what I'll be playing this weekend. And Amy :ps3:. Because Fuck y...

Blog-o-tron > Cheapassery 101 - Digital Sales

Posted 25 October 2013

Not sure why - probably because I've been busting my ass all morning at work and now I'm out of motivation - but I've decided to write up this little thing on why digital purchases aren't so bad and may be cheaper than you think. My logic may or may not be sound, feel free to dispute it if you like. This really isn't meant as an argument to anyone - I'm r...