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In Topic: $5 off book purchase over $15 at Amazon (Promo code GIFTBOOK)

Today, 04:33 AM

Great, this let me get $5 off my preorder of Thrawn, which I couldn't do with the last promo since it's only a little over $20. I always forget to use AmazonSmile, too, though there's almost no local organizations or schools that I recognize on their list, so I just use it to donate to the local library whenever I actually remember to use it.

In Topic: Mario Themed Limited Edition $99 New 3DS thread

02 December 2016 - 09:07 PM

Seeing that, I'd think that it was a loose connection for the top screen, and shaking it like that to make it happen over and over is like picking at a scab; you're just asking for trouble. That should definitely be covered by Nintendo's warranty, at least, as long as they can reproduce the problem. I remember when I sent my X1 in for repairs because none of my controllers would stay connected to it for more than a few seconds, yet when Microsoft received it, they said that they couldn't reproduce the problem and sent it back to me as is - or so they claim, because it worked perfectly upon return and has never given me a single problem since. 

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVII

02 December 2016 - 09:05 AM

Wait a few days. They'll probably deliver it tomorrow. Delivery Attempted is a common status when they couldn't actually deliver it on the day because Amazon gets them in trouble if they aren't able to deliver it on the promised day. Common scam.

This happens to me at least once every year and drives me crazy. Had it happen today with an item that was already delayed once due to problems in Indianapolis a couple of days ago. What makes it worse is that I saw the UPS guy making a delivery just down the street earlier today and had a feeling I wasn't going to see my package until tomorrow when they drove away afterwards instead of driving down to my house. Probably realized later in the day what happened and obviously wasn't going to bother driving back at that point.  FedEx used to do it all of the time to me quite a few years ago, but now they're the reliable ones and UPS is constantly messing with me instead.  

In Topic: Nintendo eShop Deals - 12/1: Cyber Deals! $7.49 Freedom Planet,...

02 December 2016 - 07:23 AM

Is it me or did they make the rewards site way worse? Like I couldn't even find most of the rewards until I started randomly clicking on things and thought they were gone.

I'd noticed that it took me more clicks than usual to find the rewards - not that there was anything new or interesting to find, anyway. I heard that they added a new Zelda theme since I last checked, though. I'm probably going to end up buying up all of the themes and giving them away to random people because there's nothing I want to spend my coins on and they've been slowly expiring for the last month or so.

In Topic: Nintendo eShop Deals - 12/1: Cyber Deals! $7.49 Freedom Planet,...

02 December 2016 - 12:53 AM

Counterpoint: Skyward Sword might be my favorite 3D Zelda.  I'd only recommend avoiding it if you can't stand waggle in any form (I feel it was implemented pretty well in the game, but YMMV).

That's me. I never finished it because I had a heck of a time getting it to behave for me, though to be fair, I believe that my only Wiimote Plus at the time was one of those Nintendo refurbished ones that turned out to be part of a batch where the sensors were put in upside-down.  :wall: It didn't help that the opening is just so darn slow; I ended up just watching all of the cutscenes on YouTube as a result. It's my least favorite in the entire series (CD-i entries nonwithstanding, of course, though I have played them and they're just as terrible as everyone says).