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Newegg has my eternal ire (credit card fraud).

22 April 2016 - 10:03 PM

So I received an email this afternoon letting me know that my account email was changed. I was busy at the time and didn't notice it immediately, but then someone tried to order a bunch of eBay gift cards with my credit card on there. My credit card company immediately denied it and left me a message to call them, so no trouble there. The problem is that Newegg suspended my account and told me to make a new one when I called them about it, and when I told them that I'd recently ordered things from them (meaning that if I had to return them, I couldn't access my account to do it) and that I just signed up for a year of Premier, the rep pointed out that it was a free year of Premier (.edu address) and didn't try to help me after that.

Probably not going to buy from them for a while. If there were cheaper places to buy computer parts, I wouldn't buy from them again at all. It seems stupid that they'd let someone from an IP address that's likely nowhere near mine log into my account, change my email, and then not require them to authenticate it from my current email address. Plus, of course, they leave me hanging high and dry at the end of it all. Let me just say thank god for my credit card company, who actually handled this well and kept me from losing any money, even for a minute.