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Yesterday, 04:11 PM

Harmonix did say from the beginning that all of the bundles were going to be limited at launch and difficult to find if you didn't preorder. From what I can tell, they weren't exaggerating - I know there are times when a company acts like something is going to be limited and it isn't, but this doesn't look to be one of those times.


I assume there's going to be more on the shelves in the near future, at least.

In Topic: Rock Band 4 (PS4, X1) Out Now - Triple Cymbal Expansion Kit Available for Pre...

Yesterday, 03:25 AM

Quick question for anyone that got the PS4 Guitar bundle... is the game disc a sealed retail version?  The reason I ask is I got the standalone version since I still have my ION Rocker and old guitar.  I discovered that my kids gummed up the fret buttons to the point I don't want to deal with it.   I would love to know if the disc in the game is sealed and if it has the retail UPC (2865804751), so I can buy the bundle and return sealed copy since I have already opened the standalone.


Thanks in advance

For at least the X1's guitar bundle, the game inside was marked as not for resale. I assume the PS4 version wouldn't be any different.


Band bundle has Not for Resale, I'd guess the guitar bundle is the same. You could buy it and trade it in?

Anyone know if Madcatz charge upfront for preorders? Or will it charge when they will ship?

A quick look at their site led me to this (spoilers: they don't charge until they ship).

In Topic: Rock Band 4 (PS4, X1) Out Now - Triple Cymbal Expansion Kit Available for Pre...

Yesterday, 02:48 AM


I've heard others say that there's trouble with the preorder DLC, but I'm hoping there'll be a fix for it out soon. I'm a little afraid to redeem mine right now because of it, even though I'm sure it won't matter if I do it now or after the fix.


I've only played the game a little bit in quickplay so far, but it didn't really hit me with how weak the setlist was until then. They couldn't even use the original version of Someone Like You and used the crappier re-record from 2011, when the singer was older and couldn't sing in the proper, higher key any more. Maybe all of the songs will grow on me as time goes on, but they'll probably be forgotten and never played again as soon as I take the plunge and download all of my old DLC.

I know it sounds bad, but I'm a little disappointed with RB4 so far. Hoping that'll change as I play it more.

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06 October 2015 - 11:52 PM

I've only done 5 songs on my drums but I'd say they are a bit sturdier and a little quieter on the drum heads. Overall though I'd say stick with the RB2 if you aren't a big time drum player.

I am upset with Amazon. My bundle hasn't moved since Saturday and UPS is informing me it'll be here Thursday. Considering I've been looking forward to this game and had a half day at work for it, I broke down and bought a bundle at GS. Once I get my Amazon order I'll return that one back to GS. Just really let down by Amazon with this one.

I know there's not much you can do about it since you want the bundle now (and I don't blame you), but it's just a little funny to me that you're saying that you're angry at Amazon but still giving your money to them while taking advantage of Gamestop instead.

Not saying Gamestop's perfect, of course. And they're technically getting their bundle back from you, anyway.

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XV

06 October 2015 - 09:40 PM

My first attempt at a deal posting: 


2x 20th Anniversary Edition Dualshock 4 (VG) - $50.47http://www.amazon.co...=A2L77EE7U53NWQ

For a second I thought you meant that it was a pack of two controllers for that price and was about to have a field day.