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Bad Feedback Details

31 October 2016 - 09:14 PM

Wanted to provide more details about bad feedback I had to leave on the following profile.




Posted in the trading forum that I was looking to trade Battlefield 1 (X1) and 1 month of EA Access for Titanfall 2 (X1) or $60 XBL credit. https://www.cheapass...-or-xbl-credit/


davorinho sent me a message offering $55 Paypal for just Battlefield 1. I recently changed my phone number, so I had to call Paypal and have support update my phone number before I could access my account. Even after doing that I could still not sign into Paypal (verification was showing my old number still and support had no idea what to do), so I told davorinho that I would accept $50 of XBL credit instead of Paypal. He "gladly" accepted. 


Due to me only having buyer feedback and no seller feedback, he asked if I could send the code first. Because my feedback is old, I don't have seller feedback, and he has recent positive buyer feedback (including from somebody with 10 pages of positive seller feedback), I agreed to send him the code first. 


He then sent me a message saying that the code was already used. I got the code from a new Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle from Walmart just last night, so I told him I would call Microsoft Support and find out when the code was redeemed to see if I should be blaming somebody at Walmart. Microsoft Support said the code was redeemed about 10 minutes after I sent davorinho the code. 


Thankfully Microsoft Support was kind enough to credit my account with $60 (price of Battlefield 1 digital) when I told them what happened. I should be receiving the "refund" (she had to label it as) within 72 hours. 


Photos of the pms and refund email from MS are available upon request.


- Thank You

H: Battlefield 1 + EA Access (X1) W: Titanfall 2 (X1) or XBL Credit

31 October 2016 - 04:41 AM

1 month of EA Access and Battlefield 1 (X1 Digital Code) for Titanfall 2 (X1 Digital Code) or $60 XBL credit (to buy Titanfall 2).

- Thanks

Edit: Trade pending for Battlefield 1


Edit 2: https://www.cheapass...edback-details/