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Blog Vegan > GFWL Credit Fraud Update: Refund approved! (Surprise, surprise)

Posted 23 September 2011


It only took 12 hours after posting before the email showed up:“Dear Xbox LIVE Customer:
We have refunded your account 124.98. Refunds will be processed within the next 10 business days, but may take up to 30 days after we complete our investigations before they appear on your credit card billing...

Blog Vegan > Xbox Live Credit Fraud? "No Customer Support If We Don't Consider You A Customer"

Posted 22 September 2011


Xbox Live Account Hacked? Credit Fraud? No Customer Service If We Don’t Consider You A Customer, says Microsoft.

I apologize for the lengthiness in getting to the point in this article, but I feel that it’s important to precisely describe the...

Blog Vegan > You owe Japan. Donate.

Posted 12 March 2011

If Japan has kept you entertained your whole life and shaped your childhood (like many of us), you owe them.