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pr0n and Politics. > March 2009 Pick Ups Pt. 2

Posted 31 March 2009


Everything either free, on sale, or with trade credit. :whee:

Not pictured: Resistance Retribution

pr0n and Politics. > March 2009 Pick Ups Pt 1

Posted 17 March 2009

Wasn't really planning on getting this much stuff, but CAG and it's deals have a way of derailing any "non-purchasing" plans. :p


I ended up re-buying Mercs 2 since it was just $7.48 clearance @ Target.

pr0n and Politics. > Februrary 2009 Pick Ups

Posted 03 March 2009


Not pictured: the glitched scratch-off card that came inside the GTAIV L&D box, Killzone 2, and a MadCatz Chun Li Fightpad for PS3.

I'll save Killzone 2 for March's pick up post.

pr0n and Politics. > Leah Dizon...Married w/Children?!?

Posted 16 October 2008


Shotgun! American-born pinay turned Japanese Idol Leah Dizon tells her fans she got married.

Oops. It's not a stretch to say she's way too young and it ain't gonna last.

And yeah, lulz @ the terrible Jpop. :p

pr0n and Politics. > Yuma Asami Sound Drops!

Posted 05 September 2008

You might remember CheapyD giving away these little Japanese "capsule" toys (also known as "gashapon") that feature the familiar sounds and themes of popular video games like Super Mario and Zelda.

Well, those of us with more...adult tastes might find these interesting. Capsule toys featuring the sounds of popular Japanese AV actresses! I found this one off of yahoo japan auctions, it's of my favorite AV Idol, Yuma Asami!


While the pic is hard to read, her sound bites include things like "More!", "Do it [for] me!", and "I'm lonely [for you]". Er, they probably sound better with her actually saying it rather than me typing it on some blog. :p

Lovely Yuma also has a new trading card set out in Japan right now, that I might talk about in a future post.