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H: Splinter Cell Blacklist (PC Key) W: Payday 2 (PC), Disney Infinity Stuff

31 August 2013 - 03:40 PM

As the title says, I have a Nvidia Geforce key for Splinter Cell: Blacklist



I'm looking to trade it for a copy of Payday 2 or Disney Infinity Stuff.


I have all the Infinity 3 packs and playsets. Currently only missing the 4 singles only character and some power discs.


I'd also take cash if the price was right!



Thanks for looking!



P.S. I know I only have one CAG feedback, but I can provide my ebay seller profile and amazon seller profile if you need some more assurance that I'm not teh scamxorz.

H: Genesis 1 w/ 4 controllers, 27 Games

16 February 2013 - 11:56 PM

Hey CAGers,

I'm getting married and moving into a small college apartment this summer.

For the sake of space and my Wife's sanity, I'm selling off some of my retro collection.

I'm currently selling my Sega Genesis 1 and all my games and peripherals.

The console comes with the AV adaptor, the RF adaptor, two three button controllers and 2 6 button controllers (one off-brand but nice ).

The games are (in no particular order)

Sonic 2
Sonic Spinball
Rocket Knight Adventures
Ghouls N Ghosts
Genesis 6 Pack
Mickey Mania
Eternal Champions
mortal Kombat 2
Batman Forever
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Mick and Mack Global Gladiators
Cyborg Justice
Pac Man 2
Fire Shark
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Bubsy II
General Chaos
Batman: Revenge of the Joker

Cartridges come in varying condition, but everything works well.
I'm willing to sell individual pieces as long as the total price tag exceeds $5 before shipping. I'll entertain lower offers from anyone willing to buy everything or at least a good chunk of it.

If you need reference for me, feel free to check my feedback on either eBay (doctorblowhole) or Amazon (astronautava).

Post or message with your offers!