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Aliexpress and Credit Card Fraud

08 October 2020 - 03:43 AM

I made my first purchase today on Aliexpress, bought two small trinket items.  Thought I would use Paypal like most places offer, but they didn't accept that, so I used a credit card that I only use for online purchases.


~6 hours later, my CC company texts me asking about some flagged charge attempts that they declined from doordash.  I've never used doordash before, so it couldn't be from them directly.


In 25+ years of having credit cards, this is the very first time I've ever had a fraud attempt requiring the shutting down and reissuing of a CC.


25 years without aliexpress = fine

6 hours with aliexpress = fraud.


I looked it up online, and most people turn a blind eye, blaming computer malware and pretend that it's not aliexpress at fault.  I did the aliexpress purchases at work, on a very secure network/computer.


With that said, I want to buy dumb cheap junk on aliexpress, but fool me once rules say no more using a credit card.  Any suggestions on a foolproof way to buy from them without trying to have food delivered 2,000 miles away without your consent?


Also looking for confirmation of fraud or no fraud experience with them.  Literally the 1st transaction rung my bell.  Fortunately my credit card company was somehow smart enough to decline the bad transactions before they were charged.  Kudos to Bank of America for letting me buy from China to Middle America, but putting the kibosh on ordering Chinese food from California.