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Blog strait edge follower > if you could play only one game while stranded on an island what would it be ?

Posted 29 April 2012

Hey guys ! Im curious, if you could only bring one game with you while being stranded on a island what would it be ? Mine would be final fantasy 10 ! What about you guys ?

Blog strait edge follower > My one year anniversary on cag is today !!!!!

Posted 29 April 2012

Wow Its been one year already huh ? Unreal lol. I must say that this is by far the best online comunity Ive ever been apart off ! I remember when i first entered this site and i got into a argument in the blockbuster gamerush thread, Lets just say that it wasnt a great start for me here lol. However i have long since ajusted to the way this site works and...

Blog strait edge follower > 2012 baseball season is almost here !!!!

Posted 02 April 2012

Hey guys ! I bet you baseball fans on here can't wait for the season to start ! My ny yankees are getting ready for war as the long 162 game season is set to kick off for them on april 6 against tampa. After a dissapointing ending to their season last year I know that they want to out there to win it all more than ever.

Who is your team and what concern...

Blog strait edge follower > Complete wrestlemania XVIII review and thoughts

Posted 02 April 2012

Hey fellow cheapies ! As you all should know by now I'm one of the biggest wrestling fans on here so of course I had to watch "the showcase of the immortals" wrestlemania ! This year had the best card a wrestlemania has seen in years imo so there was alot of hype to live up to. Did it do it ? Let's get to it and see !!!!!!

Match 1: World heavyweight cham...

Blog strait edge follower > what are your favorite types of clothes to wear ?

Posted 12 January 2012

Hey my fellow ses members ! As I've grown up I've gained more of an appreciation for nice looking clothes and shoes. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to clothes. For me my favorite types of clothing to wear are nice button up shirts and polos (boy are polos good for any occasion :)) along with jeans. I also love my air force one's, air max...