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#12909948 Sega Dreamcast

Posted by SegaGT on 09 September 2015 - 10:31 AM

Happy Birthday Dreamcast 9/9/99 launch anniversary.


It’s nice to see that some people still remember the Dreamcast.

About 10-12 years ago the collectors went nuts over it but most of those guys have since moved on and sold off their stuff. That Hello Kitty blue that was posted to this thread was part of one of the world’s best Dreamcast collections. He sold off that collection many years ago. By the time I talked to him he had already gotten rid of the ones I needed (I was short about 3 to have all of them back then).

I myself had over 100 Dreamcast units. No one could possibly have everything if you include those giveaway promo one off signed units, but chances are if you have a picture of a DC I have it.

If there is enough interest I might actually do a site with a unit for unit picture or video to show the “new generation” what the DC was about and all the crazy variations, factory dev stuff, and the differences between all the localized global releases of the hardware, even the Naomi hardware that supported DC controllers/VMU at the arcade.

Anyone ever see a Mexican DC, or a Chinese DC?

How about a DC kiosk unit with a touch screen to interact with “fish life”.

It actually looks a bit like the Dreamcast DVD mockup unit…