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#11345161 PS4 Instock Amazon.com

Posted by akir on 13 December 2013 - 03:11 AM

Buy it, resell it, put the profit toward the unit you get later. Early adopters effectively subsidize your later upgrade cost. Worth doing unless you have some moral hangup with reselling.

I don't have a moral hangup about reselling but I'm too lazy to deal with shipping shit through eBay or meeting up with Craigslist scumbags.

Not worth the money to me.

#11297354 Gamestop NEW Black Friday Ad Changes (Battlefield 4 $24.99, Ghosts...

Posted by akir on 29 November 2013 - 08:18 AM

My Gamestop was absolutely horrible. I got there around 12:30 just to see if they had Xenoblade, which they did. So I got in line, and while the line was intimidating it didn't seem long enough that I would spend forever waiting. I checked out at 2:20. I spent 1:50 waiting in the most abhorrently slow line I've ever experienced.


That much time might've been worth it for Xenoblade since it's so rare, but I question the sanity of people willing to wait that long just for B2G1 when the games were almost certainly going to be there in the afternoon. I bet Xenoblade would've been there in the afternoon but I wasn't up to taking chances.



I waited in the slowest line ever and Xillia had sold out before I got to the register.  Ended up with just 3 PS+ cards. 

The store still had PS4's and X1's in stock when I left as well around 2AM.

#11285462 Black Friday Deals - Cheapest Prices Listed By Game

Posted by akir on 27 November 2013 - 04:37 AM

no next gen? then all my money stays right in my wallet. These deals are bullshit lol. Really Josh/TRU? Running the same b1g1 40% as the other week? BF deals are supposed to differentiate from the common deal, or so I thought. Super lame black friday, Thanks for the thread. Too bad it's not exciting.


these are all gonna be the same prices come January. I'll wait a month if it means I can just get it Amazon any time and avoid the crowds. EA, Arkham, and Ubi games always seem to drop fast anyway. And they'll be the PS4 versions.


Black Friday seems to just be a day for retailers to unload unsold and unwanted stock. No longer is it a consumer-centric, competitive-pricing arena. Amazon, Walmart, and most others are guilty of this so far. I've seen too many products on these Amazon black friday deals that have absolutely zero user reviews...sketchy.

damn you're a whiney bitch aren't you?