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H: UV codes - TMNT Out of Shadows

18 September 2018 - 10:27 PM

Have a few codes to sell, will take paypal.


$7-Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom (4K/UHD)-Bought in 4K so should redeem in 4K for vudu or MA-Gone

$5-Saw 1-7 collection (UV HDX)-bought in blu-ray should redeem in in HDX-Gone

$3-Ninja Turtles Out of the shadows-

Walmart (Vudu) Instawatch

06 September 2018 - 08:43 PM

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier.  Lately I have been buying codes off ebay and different sites for just a few bucks, but after watching the Jack Ryan series on Prime (very good btw) I wanted to find the old movies.  I searched and found the 5 movie collection on vudu for $50, of course I'm not going to pay that, I'm a CAG.  On another search I found the dvd collection on Walmart for $11 with instawatch, I had completely forgotten about this.  I ended up purchasing...


Jack Ryan Collection- 5 movies

Matrix Collection-4 movies

Twilight Colleciton-5 movies

Beverly Hills Cop-3 movies.


18 movies for $45 total. Great deal. That's $2.50 a movie and I get the physical also, and it was in an instant, by the time I clicked to my other tab, they were all in my vudu collection, just make sure to link vudu account first with walmart account.

MLB the show 18 MVP edition 29.99- Costco YMMV

15 July 2018 - 06:16 PM

Was as costco yesterday and noticed they had MLB the show 18 MVP edition for only 29.99, I wish I would have taken a picture, but as always YMMV.  I would have bought it but had just bought it the day before at best buy for 34.99 with GCU and $5 RZ cert.

Redbox Movies for sale (physical & digital)

20 June 2018 - 09:05 PM

     I was pretty sure we had a post for this already, but there are a number of movies for sale and yes you only get the disc but some are a pretty good price. Almost the same amount to rent which is funny.



           Physical  3.99 for Blu-Ray

Valerian and 1000 cities

American Assassin

Kings Circle


Murder on Orient Express

Beauty and the Beast


Daddys Home 2

Pirates of the Carbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

Boss Baby

The Emoji Movie

The Commuter

Lego Ninjago Movie


The Phantom Thread

American Made

Thor Ragnarok


           Physical 4.99 BR

The Shape of Water

Tomb Raider

Star Wars the Last Jedi


           Physical 6.99 BR

Justice League

Paddington 2

Escape Plan 1/Escape Plan 2 (on same disc)



Doctor Strange 4.99

BFG 3.99

Moana 4.99

Star Wars: Rogue One-5.99

Star Wars: The Force Awakens-5.99

Star Wars: The Last Jedi-14.99





Best Buy deals

11 June 2018 - 08:04 PM

Didn't see these posted anywhere or even on BB website, was in the store today picking up HZD CE and decided to take a stroll through movies.


Whole section of really cool artistic drawing cover Blu Rays most are 5.99-7.99



Big Trouble in little China


can't remember all, about 20 different movies and not on website, but cool covers


Bluray + DVD + Digital


Darkest Hour-12

Justice League-11

Maze Runner Death Cure-11

Maze Runner Trilogy-$29

Taken Trilogy-$11

Firefly entire 14 episode series only $14- 3 discs