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#14147951 Official Xbox Marketplace Trade Thread - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY THRE...

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 27 March 2019 - 03:45 AM


Might be interested in dlc for The Division 2.

Have: PayPal / amazon.

#14147515 Recovering video game purchasing addicts with ridiculous backlog

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 26 March 2019 - 05:42 AM

Pretty sure there’s a ton of us on here. That is basically what the site is for.

I can agree with all of you. I use to buy every game the day it was released. Especially with GCU the past 5 years or so. I have so many games that I’ll probably never get to play. While I haven’t bought too many games at release recently, I’ve just picked them up when they go on sale. Far Cry New Dawn is a pretty good example. My backlog/collection was a lot bigger at certain points in the past 15 or so years. I took a ton of my collection and sold/traded multiple times if the numbers were right. It’d be so much larger then it is today. I have a problem with passing up good deals. I still have some games I purchased on Black Friday still sealed, Diablo 3($11). While I always say I want to check it out, I probably never will. Instead of playing something from my back log, I almost always play something newer and more recent. I played RDR2 then re2, then played Trials Rising, and just started New Dawn($17) and I’m currently playing it. Part of my problem is the games I tend to really enjoy are long open world games(ac origins, botw, far cry). While I’d definitely say I got my money’s worth out of those games there’s still plenty that I never will. Playing the Switch on the go was a great way to play through Zelda and MARIO a lot faster than it normally takes my to play a game of that size on say PS4 or Xbox though. Too bad most games aren’t released or are inferior version on the Switch.

And don’t even get me started on my Xbox Game Pass. Get mine for free through Microsoft Rewards so I can’t complain too much about that. And just today picked up a year of PS Now for $60. Just because it was so cheap.

Maybe my kids will play some of my unplayed games cause I won’t be getting to all of them. And I’m sure I’ll still be buying them. Honestly though it’s just something I enjoy. The Video Game industry as a whole is something I’ve always been into a great deal. And usually spend way more time reading about games then I do actually playing them.

.....sorry for the ramble... Not really sure if that was the point of this thread or not but once I started typing I couldn’t stop.

#14080367 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 12 November 2018 - 04:59 PM

Some decent prices. Wonder when the actual bf ad will leak/release. Anyone new to PS4, or who hasn’t played them yet, $35 for 5 Uncharted games is an absolute steal! Some of the best games I’ve played this gen and last.

#14069738 $39.99 God of War, Detroit: Become Human & More Price Drops

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 23 October 2018 - 11:23 PM

I’m wondering since GCU is officially dead. What’s the chances of GCU working on Black Friday this year?

#14065702 PSN Code Trading Thread - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY THREE DAYS!

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 14 October 2018 - 04:26 AM

Want: PSN Credit
Have: Amazon/PayPal

Just a quick update. Anxious Shadow still hasn’t replied or refunded me. Finally left negative feedback. I feel bad doing so, but want to try to help others avoid being ripped off. I have cautiously had 2 more transactions since and both went great. Thanks for keeping some faith that there’s still good people here.

Over the years, I’ve had some pretty amazing sales and deals from trading, selling, or buying with other members. I’ve bought and sold expensive items that had to be shipped without worrying at all. Now you have to worry about even the smallest transactions.

#14047045 Arcade1Up - Deluxe Edition 12-in-1 Arcade Cabinet $399.99 at Best Buy

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 02 September 2018 - 04:58 AM

Been debating on getting the Street Fighter one for $299. It just worries me that there’s not very many games. If it could be modded, I’d be all over it. Technically you could probably build a cabinet that ran EmulationStation on a Raspberry Pie for about the same. Way more games but a little more work. Instructables has a few decent set ups.

#13997580 Best Buy GCU is being Discontinued?

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 20 May 2018 - 03:04 PM

While I haven’t read the full thread. Maybe they don’t want the new subscribers, that way in 2 years, they can quit selling games? CD sales are ending this summer (I’m surprised it took this long). While CDs and games are different, it’s still physical media. Could let everyone have it until theirs expires. And the people with more that 2 years remaining will be dealt with case by case. Mine doesn’t run out until March 2020, so if they honor most of that I’d be happy. While I’ve enjoyed GCU, and never understood while some people didn’t, I’ll end up saving money from not making a purchase because it’s cheap.

Regardless going to use my B.B. CC to Pre-Order anything I’m interested in no matter how far out. Just in case they pull the plug sooner. I can always cancel if something happens. I haven’t did many preorders with my B.B. card, does it put a hold on the card until release? Or does it drop off like a normal card?

I’ve never had an issue with BB, they’ve had great deals and great service. It just doesn’t sit right with me that they got rid of it without a statement or announcement. They didn’t mention it until multiple people called them out on it.

#13997469 PSN Code Trading Thread - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY THREE DAYS!

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 20 May 2018 - 05:03 AM

Capcom x Sega PSN Humble bundle : https://blog.us.play...-humble-bundle/

$17 PP (Selling at same price I bought as I no longer need + 2$ for paypal fees as my account charges)

Id take it for $15 and you can keep the shitty coupons.

#13988903 Best Buy DOTD-Mass Effect:Andromeda /Titanfall 2(PS4/XB1) $12.99/$1...

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 02 May 2018 - 06:41 AM


If anyone is still interested. Mass Efect still includes the free steel book as well.

#13987636 Best Buy Buy $100 gc get $10 ecode free ends 5/12

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 29 April 2018 - 07:49 AM

Valid 4/29/18-5/12/18 online only.
$10 savings code will be provided via e-mail on 5/29/18 for use toward a future purchase made from 5/29/18-6/11/18.
Maximum of 3 $100 e-gift card purchases during promotion time period per customer and savings codes will be sent via e-mail in $10 increments.


During checkout make sure you enter your B.B. account number. This way you still earn points and it counts towards Elite/Elite Plus.

#13953352 Best Buy Ad 2/25-3/3

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 25 February 2018 - 08:31 AM

Anybody else getting a little message on top of their games saying bundle and save a certain amount? I put some games in my cart but it's not removing anything.

I see this pretty regularly. It’s usually just the gcu discount though.

#13949224 Best Buy Ad 2/18-2/24

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 19 February 2018 - 04:57 PM

If you are torn between an Apple Watch and PSVR. I recommend the PSVR over the watch for sure, Apple will just release a better watch later this year. Granted the PSVR already has a slightly better model (you probably won't get that model with the bundle) it's not a massive leap forward from the launch PSVR model. 
As someone who has a smartwatch and PSVR. I get more enjoyment out of VR than I do the smartwatch, which is primarily used to tell the time, and nothing more. Skyrim in VR isn't perfect either, but it's undeniably cool and a highlight for VR, it's as advertised and is the full Skyrim game with all the expansions in VR and it is just as cool as it sounds. RE 7 in VR is also a terrifying experience and the first moment I had with VR that made me really feel like I was in a different reality.

The Skyrim vr bundle has the updated headset. I actually upgraded to it last month. It was worth it for me because I wanted the hdr pass through on the new processor box.

#13948560 Best Buy Ad 2/18-2/24

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 18 February 2018 - 10:34 AM

Where do you see that?

It’s on the B.B. homepage. Scroll down a little. I used this promo in November when I bought my tv. Been eyeing some high price electronics, so I’m in for another 3.

$15 codes will be emailed on 3/18 and expire on 3/31.

#13939381 Best Buy Ad 2/4-2/10

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 04 February 2018 - 03:14 PM

There is no benefit to renew.  Unless they announce they are raising the price which I doubt.
The last time mine ran out, I waited like 2 months when there was something to buy to start again.
I love GCU but the lack of pre-order $10 bonuses compared to a few years ago, kind of devalues it a bit.

Gcu isn’t what gives the preorder bonus. Also it always slows down this time of year. Every year people freak out and expect it to end. It doesn’t pick up till right before and during e3. Like every year, the only games in the promo currently are games that got pushed back.

#13938062 Best Buy Ad 1/28-2/3

Posted by Bleedingwickedly on 02 February 2018 - 11:21 AM

If anyone is worried about input lag on the 900E, don't. I was a little concerned about the 34ms lag but it turns out I don't notice anything different or worse compared to my last set. I tested my wall bouncing in Gears 4 and it's still pretty responsive. If you want to spring for it, I endorse it fully. Once you get the settings down and properly calibrate it, it's a mouth watering picture. I just played AC Origins on it on my XBX and the amount of detail is just astounding.

Sounds like your enjoying the tv we discussed a couple weeks ago. Did you happen to check out the spreadsheet I posted with settings?